Alice Quinn

Alice Quinn

"Writing is my life" Since you are visiting my author page, if you like my novels, take the opportunity to click on "FOLLOW", you will be informed of my new releases. As a novelist, I define myself as an energy booster. I write, in different genres, as if I were watching a movie that keeps me on the edge of my seat until the end, novels that I would like to find in bookstores, but that also give me a positive energy boost and, in turn, send hope, strength and courage to those who read me. Writing is the gift I decided one day to give myself when I realized that life would be short and that happiness would be up to me. This realization obliges me to give myself a daily appointment to dream, to escape, to laugh, to cry, to smile, to be touched, with my characters met along the pages. It allows me to keep my spirits up, my energy and my courage to move forward in all circumstances. I believe that it is contagious and that readers feel the same symptoms when they read me. I was fortunate to have had success with the novel "Queen of the trailer park", in a comedy thriller series: "In the Land of Rosie Maldonne". A sort of Cosy Funny Mystery... The joy of writing more episodes of Rosie Maldonne's adventures was part of the wonderful fallout from this success, as I didn't know at the beginning that the adventure would last more than one volume! This series is halfway between Bridget Jones living in a trailer, and the Italian comedy movies of the 70s. I ran along behind Rosie as she dragged me along, the volumes follow each other but they can be read independently of each other. If you like Rosie, you'll find her in: Rosie #2: "Quenn of the HideOut", Rosie #3: "Queen of the masquerade"... At the same time, I felt the need to change the register and take you into a historical detective story. When I discovered that Maupassant, a writer I adore, was a fan of Cannes in the last decade of his life, and that he had spent a lot of time there, I plunged with delight into Cannes in the Belle-Époque to extract a trilogy of historical detective stories with an atmosphere full of suspense and conflict, "The Crumpled Letter", "The Shattered Portrait" ... The characters: a courtesan, a declassified lady and a writer, Guy de Maupassant, have imposed themselves on me and have imprinted their presence on my city to the point that I now walk alongside them constantly. The turn of the century, a society at once glamorous and full of diversity, conducive to conflict, where the Gotha meets the humblest in an abundance of human richness, have shaped the framework of the plots and of this portrait of a city full of contrasts in filigree. When this trilogy was completed, I wanted to explore a new genre, that of books that help us to move forward, to keep strength and hope, despite the hazards of life. It is under this banner of happiness or feel-good that you will find these titles: "Shine as long as you live!", "The boy who dreamed of flying in a Cadillac". You will have understood that in my joy of writing there is also the exhilaration of surveying new spaces, of discovering. That's why, like a gold digger, I prospect for various genres, discovering mines of new characters, always endearing, but so different from each other! It is thanks to these forays that I feel alive. I have a few things in common with Rosie Maldonne, the heroine of "Queen of the trailer park". Like her, I live in the south of France, I'm disorganized, I have kids, cats, and I even lived in a caravan, (ok it's been a while, but I haven't forgotten anything!) My motto would be "Don't panic, when you hit rock bottom you'll always get back up" but also "A day without laugh is a lost day !" You can find my novels in french languages, but also English, Hindi, Italian, Greek or Spanish. To go further, visit my blog: For all those who like to be told stories when they are in the car, or on the train... but also those who have visual reading difficulties, you can also find some of my titles, in French or in English, in audio version. All my novels are free of audiovisual rights. My agent is Yannaëlle Boucher my email address: Join me: blog : facebook : Twitter : Instagram: Pinterest : Youtube:
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