Dennis Chamberland

Dennis Chamberland

On Earth today, humanity is building one human rated spacecraft per week, each designed to transport as many as 100 humans to Mars sometime in this decade. At the exact same moment in history's most remarkable hour, there are serious, well-placed groups strongly competing to launch large, permanent colonies and cities for human settlement across the oceans of the world. I am one of those near-future colonists. I am one of the founding engineers and advanced human habitat designers. I am also a writer. This is my story and how these books came to be written just for your eyes. Yet, no authentic writer can possibly settle for a single frame of reference confined by the pathetically limited four dimensions of what we call "reality". Thus, I awoke one morning and was compelled to start letting the "adventure of eight billion lifetimes" out of my head before it exploded. These epic voyages are called the "Aaron Seven Adventures". These Aaron Seven adventures are defined as hard-science fiction and action-adventure novels and every single one describes the permanent human settlement of humans off the surface of the earth for some planet-killing disaster or another. Some of these events are caused by nature – and others are caused by humans and their moronic tendency to ask someone else to hold their beer while they pull the pin on the giga-ton grenade - and are then not able to figure out how to put-the-pin-back before… well… before yet another Aaron Seven adventure gets its start! My wife Claudia is hands down the finest editor in the nine planets (Yes – there are nine planets – the eggheads got it wrong… again.) Today, we are just trying to recover from our three-year writing project which resulted in a pair of books titled "Departing Earth Forever" which describe in detail the process whereby we are about to become a multiplanetary species – with a bit of luck it will go down without the death and body bags phase. In case you haven't seen the handwriting on your spacecraft walls – my science, science fiction and technical writing is nearly exclusively dominated by the single story that this generation will be forever remembered for - the ultimate, permanent escape from Earth to colonize our oceans and distant worlds. So, while you are here, also check out our Sea Space Colonies podcasts as well as our Blog. There are also several videos right here on this page that consist of some book trailers, video blogs and other cool stuff. Our action adventure and scientific platform is expanding about as quickly as the universal expansion quotient – and we don’t want you get left behind! So, cruise on over to the portal to our web empire at and let us add you to our list of colonist crewmembers! --------------- Dr. Dennis Chamberland is a retired NASA Space Life Sciences Engineer. In his distinguished 30 year career with the Agency, he was the chief architect, design engineer, and builder of several undersea habitats, including NASA’s Scott Carpenter Space Analog Station. Dennis served as the NASA Mission Commander for 14 undersea missions and was the Principal Investigator for the planting and harvesting of the first agricultural crop ever grown in a habitat on the seafloor. Dr. Chamberland is the author of the seminal and visionary work Undersea Colonies and is widely considered the world’s leading professional in permanent undersea colonization.
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