Indira Swami

Indira Swami

Indira Swami is a herbalist, biochemist, and pathologist. She studied plant-based nutrition at the Kingdom College of Natural Health. In her 20 years of experience, she honed and developed those skills to include alkaline-based diets. Indira believes in the power of plants and proper nutrition to heal any ailment. She is an expert in this field, with countless workshops under her belt. She’s helped cure people all over the world. Her approach doesn’t include healing just the symptoms but also taking a holistic approach that promotes wellbeing, energy, and physical and mental harmony. In her travels around the world, and in particular, during her time in Africa, Indira took interest in the alkaline-based diet proposed by Dr. Sebi. This innovative healer spent 30 years researching and developing his diet that has the power to rid the body of toxins and illness. Indira was impressed by his body of work, and from that point on, she dedicated her impressive healing skills to deepen and explore Dr. Sebi’s diet. Indira spent the last ten years strictly adhering to Dr. Sebi’s diet, and in that time, her body experienced an unparalleled transformation. Both she and her family had never had to visit a doctor after adopting Dr. Sebi’s rules for health. Drawing from her own experience and Dr. Sebi’s knowledge, Indira developed a singular approach to healing and wellness. Her methodology and understanding of medicinal herbs set her apart from her peers and ensured success in all her endeavors. Indira firmly believes that an alkaline diet has the power to regenerate cells, cleanse the body, and revitalize essential metabolic processes. She’s basing her treatments, recipes, and therapies on her vast experience in healing people from different ailments, including diabetes, liver disease, and obesity. She’s a dedicated practitioner of holistic medicine and natural therapies. Indira spent years studying the effects of different herbs and plants and has developed recipes that are in tune with nature and natural processes. All her treatments and recipes promote the basic principles of Dr. Sebi’s diet and ensure that the body exists in an alkaline environment where no diseases can take root. While working with people to set them on the right track and help them heal, Indira understood that she has the power to change their lives for the better. Although she is quite successful as an herbalist and holistic health coach, she decided to take one step further and start writing books. Just like Dr. Sebi did before her, she spent years researching and learning about different diseases that plague the modern man. Drawing from her formal education, travel experience, and hands-on treatments, Indira developed a unique understanding of the way Dr. Sebi’s diet can and should be applied to produce maximum benefits. Today she is a vocal proponent of Dr. Sebi’s methods. She has written many books on the topic, deepening and expanding what is already a wealth of knowledge. In her books, Indira explains the benefits of a strict alkaline diet and warns of dangers that come from eating processed foods. She helps people understand and implement Dr. Sebi’s detox diets. In her books, you can find clear instructions, lists of allowed foods, and detailed recipes that are both healthy and delicious. As a holistic healer, she’s also written books on Dr. Sebi’s plant-based cures and treatments. In all her works, she focuses on common diseases that leave many people in terrible debt without any solution. She offers a holistic treatment that is a complete game-changer. Indira draws on her knowledge of different herbs and their medicinal powers and develops natural remedies and treatments aligned with Dr. Sebi’s philosophy. In her books, you can find recipes for these remedies, with a clear outline of how they can help you and what diseases they can cure. Indira is a health activist who believes in the power of nutrition. Her experience thought her that we can all be healthy, fit, and energetic if we give up on acidic foods and adopt a healthy, alkaline lifestyle. Plant-based diets and nutrition are her passion, and she spends every day practicing what she preaches. When she’s not writing books or healing people through plant-based treatments and recipes, Indira spends her time studying Dr. Sebi’s body of work, traveling, and hanging out with her family. She has a supportive husband and four amazing children who inspire her to create a better world.
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