Margaret M. Lynch

Margaret M. Lynch

When you grow up in a family of eight kids under a "cozy" middle class roof, you either get with the program or get left behind. Every triumph and tantrum of my brothers and sisters was a lesson in what to do - and what NOT to do. Maybe that's why when I was a teenager my friends came to me with their problems. I loved the idea of being a psychologist. But even at that age, I saw that reminding my friends of their talents and value to the world wasn't enough to raise their self-esteem. They still kept resisting and beating themselves up. I wondered if becoming a psychologist was the right path for me to truly help others. When it was time to head to college, I looked to my father for answers. Dad was an engineer, and the black and white ability of engineers to solve problems and get tangible results was appealing. If I was going to be an engineer, I knew I'd have to totally immerse myself. Along with my brother, I headed to top-tier Worcester Polytechnic Institute to get a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering. It was at WPI that I first really learned the importance of being truly SEEN and HEARD. Mostly, because I wasn't. I was one of 3 women in a class of 19 chemical engineering candidates. I appeared confident on the outside but on the inside I was terrified to ask questions. I secretly believed that I had fooled everyone and wasn't really as smart as my peers. This fear of being a fraud persisted as I entered corporate America in an all male engineering environment. I remember many meetings where the boss said, "someone should record the minutes" and the heads of my male colleagues would all swivel in my direction, assuming that the one woman in the room should act as the secretary. Over the next 18 years I excelled at various positions Fortune 500 companies, from engineering to management and eventually to sales, winning top sales awards. But there was always something missing. I wanted to have more meaning in my work and I wanted to make a difference! I just kept coming back to this feeling that I was meant to do something bigger. It became clear that it was time to not only be SEEN and HEARD for my own inner power and talent - it was time to stand out. It started to slowly dawn on me that over the first thirty years of my life I'd been following a path that had been programmed into me over generations. I'd been simply doing what I thought I was supposed to do without any awareness or choice. When I went through a divorce and became a single mom, a fierce instinct to protect my child was sparked. And with this instinct my own amazing power to transform finally started to surface. I began pursuing my passions for the first time and started my own business as a Success coach. I became certified in the mind body techniques of EFT/Tapping (through Gary Craig) and Hypnotherapy. This is where I put my inner engineer archetype to work. As an engineer, my job was to synthesize massive amounts of information with the sole focus of applying it for a measurable result. So I devoured thousands of case studies on this powerful mind-body Tapping Technique until I reached expert status. Two things became clear within the first year. First, seeing my coaching clients dramatically transform, let go of their limitations and move forward was incredible. Having such a profound and personal impact on people changed me forever. But strangely the other thing I found was that there was still something missing. When I woke each day, I didn't feel the excitement and energy I'd expected I'd feel by leaving Corporate America. It did not feel like the "something big" I was truly called to do. (And I certainly wasn't earning even close to my corporate salary.) You see, I still wasn't free - I could still only see two options. Make great money but have an unfulfilling life playing by the rules - or make a meaningful impact on others at great financial and personal cost. There was help for me but I had to put down everything I thought I knew about myself, and my rules for how to live my life. Something big was about to happen and I had to be open to it! It makes me crazy when I think of all the brilliant, heart-centered clients I've met over the years - who like me, had finally begun living their passions but were still stuck in their limited programming, making a limited impact and an equally painful limited income. My engineering brain knew this was a puzzle I had to solve - so I sought out new tools! I found them in the world of energy medicine, through top teachers and authors. I learned about the chakras and consciousness work that I integrated into my Tapping Technique. The results were a quantum leap for me! The first step was to LIBERATE myself from my generational programming. The next step was to ACTIVATE my inner power and become a true Rockstar on a Mission. I found the energy, the charisma, and the courage to take my work to the stadium level. In four short years I went from a struggling solo entrepreneur to growing a business worth just under a million dollars. I was able to CREATE a wealthy life of meaning and impact. And instead of reaching just one person at a time I've been able to train thousands of coaches and therapists in my methods so they can get AMAZING, empowering results with their clients. Is it your time to be a Super Coach?
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