Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis is the international bestselling author of ACCESS TO POWER and THE DEAD ROOM, as well as two critically acclaimed series—the Lena Gamble novels, CITY OF FIRE, THE LOST WITNESS, and MURDER SEASON, and the Detective Matt Jones Thriller Series, CITY OF ECHOES, THE LOVE KILLINGS, THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS, and CITY OF STONES. His books have been translated into more than ten languages and selected as top reads by Booklist, Kirkus Reviews, Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, National Public Radio, the Baltimore Sun, the Chicago Tribune, the Toronto Sun (CA), The Guardian (UK), People magazine, USA Today, and The New York Times. Born in Philadelphia, Ellis moved to Los Angeles where he worked as a writer, producer, and director in film, television, and advertising. He studied screenwriting with Walter Tevis, author of THE HUSTLER, THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH, THE COLOR OF MONEY, and THE QUEEN'S GAMBIT, and with John Truby, author of THE ANATOMY OF STORY. After ghostwriting the final draft of NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 4: THE DREAM MASTER, Ellis turned to writing novels and debuted with ACCESS TO POWER, a national bestseller. His books have won praise from authors as diverse as Janet Evanovich and Michael Connelly. PRAISE FOR THE DETECTIVE MATT JONES THRILLER SERIES CITY OF STONES (Detective Matt Jones #4) “A moody, white-knuckle murder tale. Ellis’ story moves at a steady beat; brief scenes and rapid-fire dialogue deftly showcase the detective methodically unraveling the mystery. Moreover, there’s a taut atmosphere, as Matt examines crime scenes alone; covertly meets someone at a fog-covered, darkened house; and even stumbles on another body. The narrative further intensifies once the villain becomes evident. Still, questions linger all the way to the end while the denouement will surely reverberate long after readers have finished this riveting book.” —Kirkus Reviews THE GIRL BURIED IN THE WOODS (Detective Matt Jones #3) “With an early focus on the possible murderers, Ellis’ (third) series entry is more thriller than mystery. The author works this to great effect as the story reveals the burden of unearthing evidence. Ellis generates an impressive amount of suspense. A swift pace. Solid entertainment.” —Kirkus Reviews THE LOVE KILLINGS (Detective Matt Jones #2) “Ellis eases new readers into the second Matt-centric novel. Having previously suffered betrayal, Matt has good reason to be paranoid, which results in a gleefully tense sequel. His relationships are complex. The mystery is straightforward, and Matt’s propensity for repeatedly asking himself questions keeps him (and readers) focused. The author’s writing is tight. The ending effectively sets the stage for the next installment. A persistently gripping thriller with strong characters.” —Kirkus Reviews CITY OF ECHOES (Detective Matt Jones #1) “Stunning emotional force. Ellis keeps everything in focus while building a staggering momentum.” —Booklist, Starred Review “CITY OF ECHOES is a dark, gritty, one-sit read. Ellis’ trademark plotting is on full display here.” — “Only really good writers can make you feel so strongly. CITY OF ECHOES is another bravura effort from the talented Robert Ellis.” —Mystery Scene “CITY OF ECHOES is an absorbing and entertaining read from first page to last and documents novelist Robert Ellis as a master of the genre.” —Midwest Book Review “CITY OF ECHOES is a Best Book of the Month.” — PRAISE FOR CITY OF FIRE "Los Angeles, under a cloud of acrid smoke ... Robert Ellis´s CITY OF FIRE is a gripping, spooky crime novel." —The New York Times, "HOT LIST" PICK "CITY OF FIRE is my kind of crime novel. Gritty, tight and assured. Riding with Detective Lena Gamble through the hills of Los Angeles is something I could get used to. She's tough, smart, and most of all, she's real." —Michael Connelly "I just discovered this guy. This book is terrific." —Janet Evanovich for People magazine "CITY OF FIRE by Robert Ellis is a no-holds-barred, barnburner of a thriller that blends Los Angeles-style crime fiction a la Michael Connelly with pulse-pounding Dean Koontzian psychological suspense. With a Southern California increasingly threatened by Santa Ana-fueled wildfires as backdrop, the emotionally supercharged story line centers on a killer who terrorizes west Los Angeles ... like Connelly's gritty Bosch saga, CITY OF FIRE features a tough but deeply flawed protagonist, a tantalizingly complex plot, fully realized -- and realistic -- characters and, most of all, a palpable intensity. And if that weren't enough, the bombshell plot twist at the novel's conclusion makes this an absolute must read for thriller aficionados." —Chicago Tribune "Robert Ellis' brisk, complex CITY OF FIRE is hot stuff. Ellis excels at vivid writing and the expert plotting keeps the reader off-kilter. LA, which is written about so often, seems fresh in the hands of an original storyteller such as Ellis." —Oline H. Coghill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel BEST MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR "This potboiler dishes it out. This book is fast, gruesome and twisted, like a scary Jodie Foster movie. Recommended for popular collections." —Library Journal "CITY OF FIRE begins like a roller coaster, building tension, anxiety and fear. Then it plunges at full speed, spiraling and twisting through scenes that will have hearts pounding and fingers flying through the pages. But there is no smooth braking to a stop in this book. It careens to the end and then flies off the rail with a shocking twist that will leave readers stunned. Robert Ellis is a master of suspense." —Mystery Scene magazine PRAISE FOR THE LOST WITNESS "Scorching. Deliciously twisted. Nothing is what it appears to be. Ellis succeeds masterfully in both playing fair and pulling surprise after surprise in a story that feels like a runaway car plunging down a mountain road full of switchbacks." —Publishers Weekly, Starred Review "Fans of Michael Connelly and T. Jefferson Parker will relish Ellis' second crackling thriller featuring Hollywood robbery-homicide detective Lena Gamble. Ellis serves up a killer crime tale with riveting characters and relentless twists." —Booklist, Starred Review "Certain powerful and corrupt individuals, some of them with the LAPD, arrange an efficient murder. Then, curiously, the department assigns the case to a detective whom they think will mess up the investigation. Two problems emerge: Robbery-Homicide Detective Lena Gamble (CITY OF FIRE) has no intention of failing, and there is an unknown witness helping her. Doggedly, Lena cuts through all the corruption, defies her superiors' orders, and, of course, puts herself in danger repeatedly. Ellis's elaborate puzzle is a nail-biter to the final page. Great LA settings enhance this high-speed thriller. Recommended for all popular collections." —Library Journal "Ellis piles on the Hollywood atmosphere and procedural detail, and the end revelation is expertly timed and genuinely shocking." —The Guardian (UK) "One of the first things noticed when reading Ellis´s latest (THE LOST WITNESS), much like his first, is the realistic and fantastic job he does with his approach to this high-octane tale from a female´s perspective. With not too much, and not too little, his creation of a female heroine comes off with just the right amount of bravado and sensitivity to convince even the most discerning of readers. And to top that off, while the story starts off with an even and steady tone, its steady but ever-increasing pace heads towards the explosive ending like a firecracker; one that explodes with more force and surprises than ever expected. And it´s in reaching this unexpected ending and finding out finally who done what and why that makes this read top-notch; there´s much more here than meets the eye. Filled with greed, big money, family loyalty, and things best left to the reader to discover on their own, this is one that comes highly recommended." —New Mystery Reader PRAISE FOR MURDER SEASON "The new Robert Ellis thriller MURDER SEASON balances the reality of high-profile murder cases with a wonderful protagonist -- L.A. police detective Lena Gamble. Before you can say 'Chinatown' we are immersed in a tale of mind-boggling corruption where virtually every character in the book has a hidden agenda. Ellis is a master plotter who keeps triggering surprises at regular intervals. Along the way we meet wonderful characters." —Connecticut Post, Hearst Media News Group "Robert Ellis is not quite a household name yet, but on the strength of MURDER SEASON, his fifth novel, such a destiny seems inevitable. This is a strong, riveting read from beginning to end. Within the space of a few books, Ellis has demonstrated that rare ability to skillfully navigate his readers through a complex plot filled with interesting, dangerous and surprising characters." —
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