They Made it Big in Hollywood

Hear the books that inspired cinema's biggest hits.

In Theaters

We love it when our favorite listens get a second life on film! These new and upcoming big screen adaptations are perfect to listen to now—before or after you watch. —The Audible Editors

Emma By: Jane Austen, Anna Lea - adaptation
“Handsome, clever and rich. Emma Thompson and an incredible full cast bring this timeless crowd-pleaser to life. 1995's Clueless put its own spin on the Austen classic and it is gracing the big-screen once again in 2020.”
The Call of the Wild By: Jack London
“Pablo Schreiber delivers a pitch-perfect performance of this quintessential American classic. The film adaptation of one of Jack London's most famous works will offer excitement for lovers of dogs and Harrison Ford alike.”
Just Mercy (Movie Tie-In Edition) By: Bryan Stevenson
“Michael B. Jordan knocks it out of the park as the on-screen version of Bryan Stevenson. Now, you can hear the story straight from the source as Stevenson performs his moving coming-of-age memoir.”

The Audiobooks Behind the Nominations

We are right in the midst of awards season and many of this year’s nominations deserve a second look. Many of the nominees have corresponding audiobooks just as award-worthy as the films. Check these out and see which you’d like to hand a trophy.

Awards Season

Our Recommendations for Awards Season

Find a suggested listen that just might satisfy
that post-watch craving.

The Audiobooks Behind the Nominees

The audiobooks that inspired a few of this year's most
praise-worthy releases and performances.