Level Up. Beat the grind and submerse yourself in these addictive LitRPGs. Game on.

I’m going to guess you’re here for one of two reasons. 1.) You liked the pretty picture and wanted to know what LitRPG means. 2.) You know what a LitRPG is and are here to be dazzled. Good news: you clicked for the right reason! Let me answer a few of your potential questions below before we get started. – Melissa, Audible Editor

What is this thing you call “LitRPG”?
Spelled out, LitRPG means Literary Role Playing Game. That means it’s the book version of watching someone play a video game, usually one that’s set up like an MMO (massive multi-player) RPG. It’s a blend of sci-fi and fantasy, depending on how it comes to be that our main character ends up living inside a virtual reality. Sometimes we are far into the future. Sometimes it turns out that all humans have been abducted by an alien race. However you cut it, the point of LitRPG is not how we get there, but that we get to be in this virtual reality period, living life as a badass videogame character. Most LitRPGs even include game stats as the main character progresses through the game.

How do I know if a LitRPG is right for me?
First off, have you ever liked a video game before? If yes, then this genre is meant for you! Do you find satisfaction in watching and/or reading about training montages? Then yes, it’s for you! Do you like when the underdog wins? Yep? Here you go! LitRPG is immensely satisfying to those of us who like watching our character level up—without having to do the grinding work ourselves.

Where do I start?
Good question. May I present to you this very fine list of options below? If you’re a noob to the genre I’d suggest starting with the most popular titles and the entry-level listens in the beginner level, and then moving on from there.

Help! I think I’ve listened to all the LitRPGs in existence!
Wow! Good for you! I can 100% prove that you are wrong though, not least of which because new titles are coming out all the time. Scroll to the advanced level and check out some old classics that became the first LitRPGs as well as a few hidden gems and new releases.

Level: Beginner

Level: Intermediate

Level: Advanced