About Lorelei King

More than 20 years ago American actress Lorelei King landed in England and decided to make it her home. She gravitated to stage work, while also appearing in Hollywood films such as Notting Hill and The Saint, as well as a number of popular British television shows. She’s even done voices on popular children’s show Bob the Builder (‘Wendy’ and ‘Packer’ anyone?).

At one point, King was asked to record a book of short stories, and it felt so right, it launched her now-thriving narration career. She’s recorded more than 200 programs for the BBC, including the Marx Brothers tribute, super-hero ‘audio movies’ like Superman, and classic American drama such as A Thousand Acres. King has also become a go-to narrator for a number of series by best-selling authors Darynda Jones, Janet Evanovich, Kathy Reichs, and Patricia Cornwell. Jones loves King so much that she named the heroine in the Darklight Trilogy after her, calling her “My favorite narrator on planet Earth!!!” Lorelei also took to Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series like a duck to water, keying in on the characters' antics and always finding at least one moment that makes her laugh hysterically.

This versatile, award-winning narrator, known for perfectly conveying humor and handling wackiness with ease and aplomb, can also tackle the more literary works as well. She handles these style changes by blending and layering elements like pitch, voice quality, gender, age, and accents. “I’m at my happiest behind the microphone,” she’s said.

Listener Favorites

Performance Highlights

  • First Grave on the Right
  • Moon Called
  • Turbo Twenty-Three