About Scott Brick

Scott Brick is known as the man with “a golden voice,” and he’s definitely put it to good use in the more than 600 titles he’s narrated over the last 17 years. That accessible, popular, and often relatable voice invites you into the story, helps you get invested, and takes you along for the ride. And that ride can be in any number of genres, from nonfiction, to sci-fi, fantasy, mystery, or suspense. Some of his big early splashes were with Nelson DeMille’s The Lion’s Game, Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game series. He’s won numerous Audie Awards, including two in 2016 for his performances of Jurassic Park and The Patriot Threat, and has twice been named the Publishers Weekly narrator of the year.

Brick studied acting and writing at UCLA in the late 80s and then spent 10 years performing in a Shakespearean company touring California. He started narrating in 2000 and took to it just as quickly as the industry took to him. He’s always been a big fan of old-time radio shows and has a fondness for audiobooks because of that, saying, “It’s storytelling at its purest.”

That love of storytelling shines through, both in the fact that he is also a screenwriter, author, teacher, and mentor in the audiobook industry, and in how he connects with his work. He pays attention to detail, prepares diligently, and holds himself to a high standard for his listeners—so much so that after obsessing for years over a mispronounced proper name in his The Lion’s Game recording, he leapt at the chance to re-record it. He continues to deliver in all that he does with his measured and understated style.

Listener Favorites

Performance Highlights

  • Helter Skelter
  • The Heist
  • The Cuban Affair
  • Foundation (Apple Series Tie-in Edition)