The 10 Detective Book Series That Keep Us Guessing

The 10 Detective Book Series That Keep Us Guessing

January 1, 2020
Chances are if you’re a mystery or crime fan, you love detective novels. And if, like me, you hate having a suspenseful story interrupted by life’s chores and routines, then you’re always on the lookout for the best detective book series in audio. Here are 10 detective series that are so good, you’ll have a hard time not marathoning them all. Bonus: We’re traveling the world, and since everyone’s lives are different levels of hectic, I’ve got short marathons, two completed series, and series with more than five books for you. Let’s go!

Jamie Canavés is a Book Riot contributing editor and Tailored Book Recommendations coordinator. She writes the Unusual Suspects mystery newsletter, never says no to chocolate or ‘80s nostalgia, and spends way too much time asking her goat-dog What’s in your mouth?!

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