10 Best Full Cast Audiobooks

10 Best Shakespeare Audiobooks

March 13, 2020
If there’s one writer whose work translates spectacularly to audio format, it’s the Bard. Hearing Shakespeare’s dialog masterfully performed by professionals with the correct emphasis and tone can mean the difference in catching the jokes and innuendos, picking up on subtle foreshadowing, and even sometimes understanding the plot itself. Taking into account both the best of Shakespeare’s plays and the most well-performed adaptations for audio, here are our choices for the top 10 best Shakespeare audiobooks in our catalog.

Inclusion in Audible’s “best audiobooks” series is based on a number of factors, including presence on Audible best seller lists,
listener ratings and reviews, Goodreads ratings, and input from the Audible Editors. All audiobooks featured here have a minimum
of 500 reviews averaging at least 4.5 stars, with some exceptions made for outstanding stories and performances.

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