20 Best Star Wars Audiobooks to Explore a Galaxy Far Far Away

20 Best Star Wars Audiobooks to Explore a Galaxy Far, Far Away this Star Wars Day

May 4, 2020
May the Fourth be with you! We can't think of a better way to celebrate Star Wars day than to grab some blue milk, ignite our lightsabers, and tuck into an exciting audiobook from the Star Wars universe. The stories unraveled in this collection are as vast and varied as the galaxy far, far away in which they’re set. Overlapping timelines, canon shifts, film companion novels, and an endless cast of characters make it entirely possible for you to listen to nothing but Star Wars material for a long, long time. Such a wealth of content by passionate creators with limitless imaginations meant that we had a well of selections to draw from for our roundup, with recommendations for both die-hard fans and newly initiated acolytes. And when it comes to listening to one of the 20 best Star Wars audiobooks available, we have just one bit of advice for you: do or do not—there is no try.

Inclusion in Audible’s “best audiobooks” series is based on a number of factors, including presence on Audible best seller lists,
listener ratings and reviews, Goodreads ratings, and input from the Audible Editors. All audiobooks featured here have a minimum
of 500 reviews averaging at least 4.5 stars, with some exceptions made for outstanding stories and performances.

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