20 Best Survival Audiobooks for the Prepper in All of Us

20 Best Survival Audiobooks for the Prepper in All of Us

April 24, 2020
Whether we’re focused on the apocalypse or just an ill-timed breakdown on the side of a particularly remote road, there’s something about imagining survival scenarios that can be addictive. On some level, we all wonder if we would have what it takes to pit ourselves against the worst the world can possibly offer and make it out alive.

That’s why it’s no surprise that survival literature is so popular, and that the stories in the genre are so varied and diverse. From fictional survival fantasies to no-nonsense prepper guides, here are the best survival audiobooks we’ve found.

Inclusion in Audible’s “best audiobooks” series is based on a number of factors, including presence on Audible best seller lists,
listener ratings and reviews, Goodreads ratings, and input from the Audible Editors. All audiobooks featured here have a minimum
of 500 reviews averaging at least 4.5 stars, with some exceptions made for outstanding stories and performances.

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