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Best of the Best to Lose Yourself in a New World

Lose Yourself in a New World

The Best Sci-Fi Audiobooks to Blast You into Another Galaxy

There’s a certain magic in losing yourself in the imaginative world of science fiction. But when new landscapes and realities are paired with brilliant audio performances, the experience is more immersive than ever. We’ve curated 20 of the best science fiction audiobooks, ranked not only for their vividly constructed narratives, but also for the compelling, stellar narration that brings each selection to life.

20 Best Comedy Audiobooks to Crack You Up

It’s no secret that laughter can lift our spirits, relief stress, and improve our health. So if you’re looking for a super funny listen to brighten up your work day or workout—or simply kick back with—we’ve got just the list. With these listens, you can laugh along with some of the world’s greatest comedians as they share hilarious slice-of-life stories, wry observations, and comical skits—all delivered with pitch-perfect performances.

The Best Fantasy Audiobooks to Take You Out of This World

Few audiobooks provide as much of an escape as those in the fantasy genre. Each of the best introduces us to an entirely new world (or a new version of this one), a diverse cast of complexly constructed characters, and a story so mesmerizing we’re reluctant to return to real life. But because the genre is so full of talent, it can be difficult to know what to listen to next. Look no further than this list of the best fantasy audiobooks to get you started.

20 Best Star Wars Audiobooks to Explore a Galaxy Far, Far Away this Star Wars Day

The stories unraveled in this collection of Star Wars audiobooks are as vast and varied as the galaxy far, far away in which they’re set. Overlapping timelines, canon shifts, film companion novels, and an endless cast of characters make it entirely possible for you to listen to nothing but Star Wars material for a long, long time.

20 Best Historical Fiction Audiobooks

Often based on real people, events, and scenarios, historical fiction gives us the opportunity to learn about worlds and times we will never experience while introducing fascinating characters and stories set in their midst. Sometimes, the genre can even give us a peek into hidden storylines that routinely go unmentioned in traditional history books, showing us that those of ages past are perhaps not so different from ourselves.

Best Sellers of All Time: Fiction

Getting caught up in a mystery or tangled family drama; laughing with, rooting for, or crying over people who don’t exist. That’s what great fiction authors have the power to make us do. We turn to books for joy, for laughter, and for comfort; for stories that stir the soul, expand the mind, or bring us some much-needed fun. Writers weave these tales for us, and some become our heroes—ones whose beautiful stories are as timeless as storytelling itself.

10 Thrilling Spy Book Series for Espionage Lovers

Intrigue, danger, pulse-pounding action, shocking twists, and edge-of-your-seat moments—that’s what great spy book series are made of. And having them narrated to you, with all the breathless intensity the plots require, makes espionage books a must in audiobook format. Want to experience the adventure of catching a mole, romancing a secret agent, or living a life undercover and on the run? Here are 10 thrilling series for your spy-loving heart.

The 10 Best Fantasy Magic Book Series to Disappear Into

Do you love all things magical? Do you hope to find portals to other worlds? Well, we can’t show you the way to a magical wardrobe or tell you where to find a rabbit hole to Wonderland, but these fantasy magic audiobooks are the perfect temporary portals to other lands! Whether you’re looking for popular sword-and-sorcery listens, or just the best fantasy magic books out there, your search for your next favorite series starts here.

12 of the Best Sci-Fi Series in Audio

From the furthest reaches of space to the microbiology of pandemics and gene manipulation, to the future implications of technology for societies similar to our own, science fiction is a fascinating genre that offers listeners a wide variety of ways to access its themes. What these series all have in common is an acute devotion to telling a good story, as well as fully building out the worlds and technologies therein.

10 Best Cyberpunk Audiobooks to Transport You to the Future

Cyberpunk, a subgenre of science fiction, is typically set in an urban, dystopian future, where computers and AI run rampant, the science and technology far ahead of the people who reside in that world. Pulling elements from film noir and other detective works, cyberpunk stories are often thrilling, fast-paced listens, but challenge listeners with deep questions and chilling scenarios. Here are 10 standout selections for fans and anyone curious.

20 Best Space Audiobooks

With various galaxies, planets, and asteroids to explore—and imagine—authors have long taken to the stars for their literary endeavors. Fiction set in the realm of outer space carries a special kind of magic, with brilliant interstellar settings, bold adventurers, and unfamiliar threats. Such a vast landscape can make it difficult to pick the perfect listen; luckily, we have you covered for where to get started. Launch your next listening experience.

The Best Western Audiobooks for Your Inner Outlaw

The now classic Western genre has shaped modern literature, film, and other forms of entertainment. Whether your story is taking you to space or to the wide-open plains of Utah, it’s likely pulling on the tropes and themes of a traditional Western. Our favorite audiobooks don’t just encompass old classics though—we’ve gathered a full breadth of work so that all fans of the genre can find something new to listen to.

10 Best Dystopian Audiobooks with Unsettling Alternate Realities

Though the dystopian genre focuses on the world’s degeneration, these fantastical, exploratory, and poignant titles often have the power to reveal something significant about the world listeners live in now. No matter the dystopia conjured in a selection, their creators enable us to explore human nature and safely reflect on our own reality.

The 10 Best Time Travel Book Series for Today

Time travel books are so entertaining because they meld exciting historical settings with big "what if?" questions. What if you knew what would happen next in your timeline? What if you could change history? What if you did change history? If you’ve already listened (and re-listened) to the Outlander series, or are in the market for some new time travel books of a different speed, then you’ve come to the right time and place.

20 Quick Sci-Fi & Fantasy Listens

If you’re anything like us, your attention span is being stretched to its max right now. We're finding ourselves reaching for short listens that we can finish in a day or two. Here’s a list of stellar out-of-this-world listens that hit right around the five-hour mark—from classic, funny favorites like Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to chilling audio dramas like Alien: Out of the Shadows. No matter what your sci-fi style is, trust us: you’ll find something new to love.

The Best Urban Fantasy Audiobooks

Urban fantasy is a melting pot that borrows all the best elements from our favorite genres to create unique worlds where anything is possible. With components of paranormal, noir, suspense, mystery, thriller, romance, and (of course) fantasy, these stories are vivid and colorful, bursting with magic while remaining rooted in city settings we know and love. These urban fantasy audiobooks are truly the best of all worlds.

The Best Fantasy Audiobook Series

There is nothing like a great fantasy series, one that invites you to bring yourself into an inventive world unlike our own. And a masterful fantasy audiobook can further enhance that feeling, taking an engaging reading experience and amping it up to the realm of total immersion. Marked by brilliant narration and character voices, a stellar audiobook series takes an already amazing fantasy saga and transforms it into an unforgettable adventure.

Sandman: A Beginner’s Guide

The Sandman is a graphic novel series created by Neil Gaiman that was recently made into a full-cast Audible Original adaptation. In 2020, Audible produced the first installment of the full-cast audio adaptation of the Sandman series, directed by Dirk Maggs and starring James McAvoy as Morpheus, with author Neil Gaiman narrating. Read on to get caught up on everything you need to know before the next Audible Original adaptation arrives.

The Best Sci-Fi Horror Audiobooks of All Time

Sci-fi and horror are two genres that just make sense together. Swap haunted mansions for abandoned space ships, ghosts for virus-created zombies and experiments gone wrong, and the eerie darkness of the woods for the deep vastness of space, and it’s easy to see why these two genres make for a classic, thrilling combination. Here are our picks for some of the best sci-fi horror audiobooks of all time.