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Popular Memoirs from Actors & Filmmakers
From Hollywood legends and TV personalities to influential writers and
directors, these show business icons are larger than life.

By: Oprah Winfrey
Narrated by: Oprah Winfrey, full cast

4,587 ratings

By: Tan France
Narrated by: Tan France

364 ratings

By: Trevor Noah
Narrated by: Trevor Noah

125,847 ratings

By: Tina Fey
Narrated by: Tina Fey

51,834 ratings

By: Russell Brand
Narrated by: Russell Brand

2,539 ratings

Celebrity Women with Must-Listen Audiobook Memoirs

They comprise a broad group (pun intended). Celebrity memoirs and essay collections are foolproof listening-slump busters. Rather than sitting down with a book, listening to an audiobook narrated by the celebrity feels like hanging out with a girlfriend who has endless insights and stories, narrated in the most authentic voice possible.

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Breakthrough: Tiffany Haddish

Tiffany Haddish was living in her car, down on her luck, when comedian Kevin Hart gave her money to get a hotel room and make a list of what she wanted to accomplish. She later told Stephen Colbert that she accomplished pretty much everything on that list, and will pay back the people who helped her get where she is. It was simple advice, but the concept of writing a list to call things into existence is a common method of goal-setting.

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A-List Actors
in Their Own Words

Get to know your favorite stars in memoirs read by the authors themselves.

By: Sally Field
Narrated by: Sally Field

5,191 ratings

By: Rob Lowe
Narrated by: Rob Lowe

8,342 ratings

Off the Screen, In Your Ears

Movie Stars & Hollywood Legends
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Breakthrough: Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher was born to famous parents, grew up in the wake of an infamous Hollywood scandal, and starred in what would become the most famous movie franchise in the world when she was 19 years old. But by her death in 2016, she was just as renowned for her candor in speaking about her struggles with drug addiction, depression, and other mental illnesses in her various celebrity memoirs, all with her trademark sense of humor.

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Breakthrough: Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was born to write a memoir. It’s not the only thing he was born to do, but writing his memoir definitely a thing he was meant to do. When Trevor Noah took over The Daily Show, he went all-in with talking to authors about their recently published books. A bookworm on TV at night, he brought conversations about important nonfiction along with interesting conversations with authors.

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