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Biographies About Scientists and Engineers

Biographies About
Scientists & Engineers

From physicists and astronauts to chemists and inventors,
get to know some of the great science minds of all time.

Popular Memoirs in Science & Engineering
Stories that reshape how we see the world.

Space Oddities: The Surprising Lives of Astronauts

Of the more than seven billion people on this planet—plus those who have come before us—it’s a small group who can say they have left Earth and come back to tell the tale. From Mary Roach’s funny, accessible investigations of all things space science to Commander Chris Hadfield’s account of his journey to space and then readjusting to life on Earth, audiobooks are a revelation for space nerds at every level of engagement or interest.

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Stories from Groundbreaking Scientists
in Their Own Words

Experience memoirs read by the authors themselves.

By: Daniel Stone
Narrated by: Daniel Stone

366 ratings

By: Scott Kelly
Narrated by: Scott Kelly

2,363 ratings

By: Victoria Sweet
Narrated by: Victoria Sweet

254 ratings

By: Ken Kocienda
Narrated by: Ken Kocienda

579 ratings

Scientific Minds That Broaden Our Horizons

Astounding Astronauts
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Brilliant Mathematicians & Physicists
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