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Looking for your next true crime obsession? Hear true tales of murder, mystery,
justice, and survival from the people who lived through them.

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From heists to murder, these stories are criminally good.

What You Don’t Know About Fear, Frauds, and Psychopaths: The Best Audiobooks to Learn From

True crime stories provide a look at the ills of our society, a way to learn about the dangers that exist. They can spotlight victims' voices, take a sociological approach, and help shine a spotlight on recognizing potentially dangerous situations or people. Here are the best true crime audiobooks to learn from.

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True Crime: The State of Serial Killers, California

Here are two fun facts: California is the most populous state in the United States, and its agriculture industry has the highest output of any state in the country. Here is one un-fun fact: California has the most serial killers of any US state. Whether you’re a fan of diving deep into true crime or you’re just getting your toes wet, these are the California killers you absolutely need to know!

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High Achiever
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starting it over, immediately, from the beginning.
Inspirational is an understatement.

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High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins

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True Crime: The State of Serial Killers, New York

It's interesting to think that while New York is home to the largest city in the United States, it doesn't have as many serial killers as several other states. If you were to ask a stranger to list famous serial killers from New York, they might be able to name David Berkowitz, aka the Son of Sam. That's probably the only New York case brought up when people discuss American serial killers. But that doesn't mean New York doesn't have a lot of them.

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True Crime: The State of Serial Killers, Washington

If you’ve ever watched Twin Peaks, you’ve seen how the state is almost a character itself. All those tall trees and fog add an extra layer of eeriness as the police search for a killer. Washington has seen more than its fair share of killers in real life. It was home to arguably the most famous of all American serial killers: Ted Bundy. It counts other famous serial killers—including the Green River Killer, Robert Lee Yates, and Westley Allan Dodd—as natives too.

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No Guilty Pleasure Here: Why Ethically Executed True Crime Has My Heart

Editor Kat Johnson professes her love of well-done true crime books that strike the right balance between telling an engaging tale and being salacious.

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