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On a good day, Nicole appreciates a nice, mind-boggling, heart-racing psychological thriller. On a great day, she delves into the dark world of horror, with a special love for the classics. The Exorcist is her all-time favorite listen, which she puts on to lull herself to sleep. Follow on twitter @Editor_Nicole.

Listen to my interview with author of The Only Good Indians, Stephen Graham Jones

'I hope people stay up late reading it. That's what every horror writer wants.'
  • The Only Good Indians
  • 'I hope people stay up late reading it. That's what every horror writer wants.'

Upcoming 2021 Releases by Black Authors

February may be Black History Month, but it doesn’t have to stop there! I’ve been looking ahead to celebrate future releases from a diverse group of writers. From a plantation wedding gone horrifically wrong (think vengeful spirits), to a bookstore cozy mystery, and a ghostly YA thriller, these are some of the releases that I personally can’t wait to get my ears on!

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I love lists because it helps me easily choose my next listen. Check out some of these articles to see if any of these tickle your Mystery & Thrillers fancy.

Nicole's Picks

Short Stories to Keep You Up at Night

Anoka By: Shane Hawk
“Indigenous horror by Cheyenne & Arapaho author, Shane Hawk”
Ghost Stories, Volume One By: M. R. James
“A classic horror collection by a master of ghost stories, MR James”
Darkest Past By: Benedict Ashforth
“Five spooky tales by best-selling horror writer Benedict Ashforth”

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