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Best sellers, Originals, podcasts,
and more. Plans start at $7.95/month.
Prime Members get 2 premium selection titles with a 30-day Audible Premium Plus trial.

How Audible Plus Works

You get unlimited access to thousands of select audiobooks and podcasts
in the Audible Plus Catalog for $7.95/month. Listen as much as you like!

Hit play to stream
titles instantly from
the app.

Save titles to your
Library to download
and listen offline.

Stay up to date by
following your
favorite podcasts.

How Audible Premium Plus Works

You get 1 credit a month to redeem for any audiobook on Audible
and unlimited access to the Audible Plus Catalog for $14.95/month.

Get 1 credit a month,
good for any title
you like.

Look for this label,
so you know what
to use credits on.

Titles added to your
Library with a credit
are yours to keep.

Keep all your
monthly credits for
up to a year

Interested in More Credits or Annual Plans?

Audible Premium Plus -
2 Credits

$22.95/month: includes the Plus Catalog + 2 credits per month for any premium selection titles.

Audible Premium Plus Annual -
12 Credits

$149.50/year: includes the Plus Catalog + 12 credits a year for any premium selection titles.

Audible Premium Plus Annual -
24 Credits

$229.50/year: includes the Plus Catalog + 24 credits a year for any premium selection titles.

FAQs About Audible Membership

Get Started With These Frequently Asked Questions

As an Audible member, you have a choice of two main types of membership:
  • Audible Plus is a monthly membership which includes access to unlimited streaming and listening from the Audible Plus Catalog. Look for the "included" tag and hit "play now" to instantly stream from the app. You can also save these titles to your Library or download to listen off-line. Listen all you want to thousands of included titles in the Plus Catalog for $7.95 a month.
  • Audible Premium Plus – 1 Credit includes everything in Audible Plus, with the added bonus of 1 credit per month to be used to redeem any title from our Premium selections. These titles are yours to keep forever! Premium Plus also unlocks a 30% discount for any additional content you purchase from the Premium catalog. Get the Plus Catalog + 1 credit per month for any premium selection title for $14.95 a month.
  • Audible Premium Plus – 2 Credits Subscribe for $22.95 a month to unlock the Plus Catalog + 2 credits per month for any premium selection titles.
Want more listening options? Consider an annual Premium Plus subscription:
There is a free trial available for most new memberships:
  • Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus also offer a 30-day free trial, available to most new members. When your trial is over, you’ll be automatically charged a monthly subscription fee.
As an Audible member, you’ll receive credits as part of your subscription:
  • The number of credits you get depends on your plan. (We offer several types of membership plans, and, if you're unsure about the different features, our customer service team can help you pick the right one for you.)
  • You can use a credit to purchase any audiobook or audio selection in our catalog, regardless of price.
  • From time to time, Audible members will receive special offers to purchase additional credits at a discounted rate.  Learn More >
Credits do expire. You have up to one year after the issue date to use any credit you receive.
Members can enjoy select Free Audiobooks on Audible, covering a wide range of topics. The selections change frequently and feature Audible Originals.  Learn More >
No. An Audible membership is separate from a Prime membership.  Learn More >
With Premium Plus membership, you’ll get all kinds of amazing deals and perks—including a 30% discount on additional audiobook purchases, as well as 2 for 1 deals, and exclusive sweepstakes. You also have access to the Audible Daily deal, a featured audiobook discounted just for members. The deal changes every day.
You can listen to Audible with just about any device you can think of. Our free Audible app can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and Windows, and you can also download and listen on compatible Fire tablets, Kindles, Sonos devices, and more.  Learn More >
Yes, if you own an Audiobook, just say "Alexa, read [Title] from Audible" and your Alexa-enabled device will begin to play your title.  Learn More >
You can also contact customer service by saying "Alexa, call Audible."  Learn More >
An Audible gift membership is the perfect gift for Audible enthusiasts and anyone who loves books. You can choose between one, three, six, and 12-month plans. To gift someone a membership, visit the Gift Center and select Give membership. Or, if you have the one perfect audiobook in mind, you can sign in, find it on our catalog, and select Give as a gift on the product page. You don’t even have to be a member to give Audible as a gift.  Learn More >
Audible does not offer family plans at this time, however, you can create an Amazon Household Library which allows you to share your audiobooks across devices with another member of your family.  Learn More >

More Information for Members

There are so many titles in the Audible Plus Catalog (thousands, in fact), it would be impossible to put them on one page. This page is where you’ll find the new and most popular titles in the catalog, but you can use the search bar to look for your favorite genres, writers, or a particular title and anything with the included tag is part of the catalog. To make this easier, you can choose to only search for titles included with your membership.
Yes! New titles are added every week. If, for any reason, a title you have selected needs to be removed from the Audible Plus Catalog, you will be notified in the app.
Yes! Audible Premium Plus members (formerly Gold and Platinum members) can listen to all the titles in the Audible Plus Catalog at no extra cost.
Titles not included in your subscription will be marked with an option to access by redeeming a credit, or to purchase directly.
No, if you cancel you’ll lose access to titles you’ve selected from the Audible Plus Catalog at the end of your final billing period. Anything you’ve selected with a credit will be yours to keep.
You can switch plans any time through your Account Details. Click here to find the plan that is best for you. You can also contact our Customer Service team at 1-888-283-5051. We’re here to help you 24/7.
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