What Our Editors Are Saying About Wild Game

"Crossing all boundaries"

"In the first few minutes of Adrienne Brodeur’s first memoir, her mother starts a passionate affair with her husband’s closest friend and enlists her 14-year-old daughter as her main accomplice. Then, in the second half, things get *really* juicy. It’s source material right out of a soap opera, yet Adrienne Brodeur has a writer’s gift for taking something awful and turning it into a thing of beauty. Above all, this is the story of a daughter who hopelessly loves a mother who crosses all boundaries."—Rachel S., Audible Editor

"An introspective listen on breaking the ties that bind"

"I devoured this weighty memoir in a single (very late) night, but the resulting dark circles were worth it. The familiar themes—boundaries crossed, infidelity, ongoing deceit, addiction, deep regret—are especially consuming if you’ve experienced one or more of them, as I have, peripherally or centrally in your own imperfect family. Adrienne Brodeur beautifully weaves together her story, narrated by the wonderful Julia Whelan, with vibrant detail, heartbreaking honesty, and humility. The tale goes beyond a daughter’s loyalty to a disloyal mother. It’s a testimony of self-discovery, the hunger for human connection, and the hopeful message that we needn’t be doomed to repeat the mistakes of preceding generations."— Valerie B., Audible Editor

"Can’t imagine a better narrator-author fit"

"Julia Whelan is one of those narrators we here at Audible get excited about because she manages pull up the corners of each character to shine a subtle light on their nuances and quirks. She’s the beautifully textured voice behind Tara Westover’s jaw-dropping, best-selling memoir, Educated, and the relatably misanthropic protagonist of My Year of Rest and Relaxation. And now she’s embodying one of the most anticipated releases of 2019: Wild Game, Adrienne Brodeur’s memoir of an unbelievably messy family situation. I can’t imagine a more perfect choice to take on this complex story, and am counting the days until I can hear it for myself."— Courtney R., Audible Editor

"An exploration of vulnerability"

"Vulnerability is something that is an inherent part of childhood, but as we grow older we learn a hard truth about life: the less gated we are in sharing ourselves with others, the more we expose ourselves to suffering. Wild Game lays bare this fact, and outlines the almost boundless lengths we will go to in order cover up our vulnerabilities. When author Adrienne Brodeur becomes the shelter—at only fourteen years old—for her mother’s affair with her father’s best friend, it changes the trajectory of everyone’s lives forever. Most importantly though, it changes Adrienne—helping each of us to realize that our lives are our own to harness for good, not to be defeated by."—Kyle S., Audible Editor

"A beautifully twisty memoir"

"And I mean twisty! Wild Game is, on the surface a memoir about complicated family relationships and loyalties, but it is so much more than that. I don’t want to give too much away but I will say that Wild Game has created a lot of buzz around the Audible office and it’s not hard to see why. It’s beautifully written, and its setting of a childhood on Cape Cod evokes an atmospheric layer of nostalgia to this enthralling story of family secrets. Top that off with narration by Julia Whelan? This is a memoir that shouldn’t be missed." —Catherine H., Audible Editor

"An emotional tug-of-war"

"I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early copy of Adrienne Brodeur’s Wild Game months ago, and I brought it with me on a family vacation. The first two days of the trip are a complete blur—I buried myself in Adrienne’s story (sorry, kids!)—and as much as I couldn’t put it down, I remember savoring the last few chapters as slowly as I could, as I just didn’t want to part with this memoir. It may have only taken two days to complete, but Adrienne’s mother-daughter story is still with me: I often find myself revisiting it, reflecting on the power of hope, optimism, loyalty, and relentless love a daughter feels for her mother despite severe, misplaced burdens. This is truly a unique memoir, but what makes it exceptional is Adrienne’s ability not just to relay the remarkable events of her life—some of which led me to audibly gasp—but also impart the emotional tug-of-war she experienced, in a way that feels relatable yet intimate and distinct." —Jess A., Audible Editor

"An unimagineable and unpausable story"

"If you know me, you know I'm usually a sci-fi/horror/true crime/general macabre person, and yet, believe it or not, personal memoirs are kind of my jam in between these stories. And oh, do I devour them. I think it all rolls up to a love of characters—real or invented. And the real-life characters and settings in Adrienne Brodeur's memoir are so vividly painted, I could practically smell the saltwater as I experienced the emotions: a complex cocktail of anxiety and pride that can only come from keeping a life-altering secret. Narrator Julia Whelan (Educated) is an in-house favorite here for a reason—she has a skillful knack for immersing her voice into a memoir like this, not so much performing as transforming. I'd urge anyone with a love for storytelling to experience this listen." —Sam D., Audible Editor