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The Best Listens for Communication

The Best Listens for

The strategies and tools you need to speak and write with clarity, authority,
and empathy—and get through to and along with all kinds of people.

How to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking

Conquer your anxieties and prepare for a speech that will have you seeming calm, collected, and confident.

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How to Talk to Anybody About Anything

What you can learn about the art of spontaneous conversation from 'Mortal City' and its creator.

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Deep Listening: Five Ways to Focus Better and Retain More

WNYC’s Mary Harris is about to change the way you hear things.

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A Must-Listen for Better Communication

Crucial Conversations
The information in this book should be taught as a basic
skill for everyone. My wish is for this communication tactic
to become 'common knowledge' shared in the home,
schools and workforce.

Brenda, Audible listener on
Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson