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The Best Listens for Love and Sex

The Best Listens for
Love & Sex

Insights, stories, and action steps to help you cultivate loving relationships, enjoy intimacy,
rebound from betrayal, break free from toxic people, and tend to your own heart.

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Audiobooks to Get You Through a Breakup

The end of a relationship is one of the most emotionally devastating things a person can go through. These listens offer help and healing on how take care of yourself through it all.

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Esther Perel Unpacks Desire, Infidelity, and Partnerships in a New Podcast

Listeners sit in on real sessions with the renowned couples therapist in Audible's new series Where Should We Begin?

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A Positively Perfect Listen to Love

The Five Love Languages The Secret to Love That Lasts
Wonderfully simple, practical concepts that provide us truly
effective methods of expressing and receiving love.
Any and all relationships could benefit from the
information contained in this book!

What Listeners Find Helpful for
Love & Sex

A Beautiful Terrible Thing
Even if you’ve never experienced betrayal at the magnitude
the author has, I think it’s safe to say we’re all familiar with
the sensation of being blindsided—and it’s that connection
that makes this moving, unflinching memoir so powerful.

11 Essential LGBTQ Books to Listen to Now

Audible’s PRIDE club shares their favorite new and timeless stories about struggle, identity, and the need for unity.

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