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The Best Listens for Interpersonal Relationships

The Best Listens for
Interpersonal Relationships

Helpful guides to navigating human connections—from getting along with your in-laws to staying friends
with your siblings, working through conflicts with colleagues to breaking the ice with strangers.

An Expert Perspective on Interpersonal Relationships

When It Comes to the Moth's Biggest Hits, It's All Relative

The Moth, a storytelling collective, is about seventy percent comprised of stories about families—why?

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Spend Father's Day with the Dead Dads Club

Audible editor Katie O'Connor ponders the impact of Father's Day for those whose dads are gone, and pays tribute to her late father, whose love of reading left a lasting impact.

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A Listen on Parent-Child Relationships to Inspire You

New Family Values
This book opened my eyes…I hope more people will read
this and change the way the world perceives family values!

Heather, Audible listener on
New Family Values by Andrew Solomon