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The Best Listens for Leadership

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Listens to strengthen your abilities and bolster your confidence for guiding and motivating others—
in the workplace, within your community and family, and in the wider world.

An Expert Perspective on Leadership

Wisdom for Women in the Workplace

Find inspiration with this listening list, curated by Changemaker Chats, a nationwide salon series for women.

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Challenge Conventions, Win Honestly, and Other Sports Lessons Worth Learning

Even if you're just a fair-weather fan, sports can teach you a lot about winning at life.

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A Listen on Leadership to Inspire You

The Art of Critical Decision Making
Superb content, concepts, organization, and delivery…
highly recommend this course to other leaders of
organizations to help them in their critical decision making.

What Listeners Find Helpful for

Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Game changing…I would recommend this to
anyone willing to make a positive change in their lives
both personally and professionally.

Emerald, Audible listener on
Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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