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The Best Listens for Parenting

The Best Listens for

From preparing for a healthy pregnancy to dealing with defiant teenagers, reassuring listens
to take you through all the challenges and rewards that come with being a mom or dad.

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10 of the Best Parenting Advice Books

Children don’t come with a how-to guide—but don't panic. We have a list of 10 amazing audiobooks about parenting, packed with information and parenting advice, so that you'll know what to do even when you feel totally clueless.

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Parents: For a Healthier Child, Use Your Voice

Recent science reveals exactly how the simple act of talking to your kids shapes their brains.

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What Listeners Find Helpful for

What to Expect When You’re Expecting by Heidi Murkoff
When you’re pregnant for the first time, you can feel a little
alone—despite having the constant company of a fellow
traveler...Enter: the reassuring voice of Heidi Murkoff, whose
words have for 35 years guided and consoled expectant
moms into this new realm of parenthood.

A Listen on Parenting to Inspire You

How Not to F*ck Up Your Kids Too Bad
I love the voices of real moms and dads in this. It's a very
fun listen, and something I took a lot away from!