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  • Dec 16 2020

    "you can't fake the funk"

    If you're a creator, or someone that is interested in the process, then this one is for you. We talk about the art of conversation, self-criticism, the pursuit of perfection and some other absolute gems. 

    You can find Caden on Youtube @ Caden MacDonald and Instagram @cados38

    You can find me on youtube @Mikey D and Instagram @mikeydgram


    Stay golden xx



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    34 mins
  • Oct 14 2020

    The sweetest man on the entire internet gave me a portion of his Saturday morning to discuss his life and his motivations when tackling his fizzy drinks addiction. 

    You're really gonna love this one, Rohit has some phenomenal pearls of wisdom. You can find Rohit on Tik Tok and Instagram at @rohitroygre


    And you can suggest more guests to me over on my Instagram @mikeydgram


    Have a tremendous day friend!


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    23 mins
  • Oct 7 2020

    "in my eyes, one of the most worrying, being less sociable despite consistent contact with one another."


    The last episode of this kind! Stay tuned for Life Lessons that we'll learn together through people that inspire me and hopefully will inspire you.


    Feel free to contact me over on Instagram @mikeydgram


    Until next time friend! 

    Have fab day xx


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    14 mins
  • Sep 1 2020

    "...this episode consists of things I’ve added to my life to get through being stuck indoors 24/7"


    The things I've implemented in my life to get me through the really shitty days! These are all great habits to start practising now, you'll benefit greatly from all of them I promise! 


    Let's chat on Instagram @mikeydgram And if you wanna check my Youtube channel out head to www.mikeysnewvideo.com Have the greatest day matey! 

    Much love,


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    7 mins
  • Aug 20 2020

    "...we were actually threatened by our head coach to be kicked off the team, even though we weren't even on the team!"  We've finally made it to the 10th episode! Apologies for it taking so long but thanks for sticking around.


    Get in touch with me over on Instagram @mikeydgram!


    Have a stupendous day friends! 

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    12 mins
  • May 1 2020

    "...the lesson I gathered from my fall at the ripe age of 5 is that I wasn’t ready to ride a big kids bicycle and I shouldn’t have lied to Mum and Dad.".


    Remember that you're just human with a different capacity to other humans. Go easy on yourself, you've got this!


    Let's chat over on Instagram @mikeydgram


    Enjoy life friend!


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    15 mins
  • Mar 20 2020

    "...reminding yourself you’ll eventually be okay in the face of adversity is all you can do sometimes".


    Seeing the light is easier said than done, but don't let that stop you from practising seeing the positives in some pretty grim situations! And if you're not feeling like seeing the positives then laugh at young Mikey's misfortune, what misfortune you ask? Listen to the lesson and find out!

    Let's chat over on Instagram @mikeydgram, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Have a splendid 24 hours!


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    11 mins
  • Mar 7 2020

    "...don’t mistake, mistakes, for an action miss-taken."


    Mistakes are great, make them some more! It'll do you a world of good.


    Once you've done the homework hit me up on Instagram @mikeydgram 


    Have a beautiful day my friends!


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