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  • Sep 9 2022
    Since the 2008 stock market crash, many investors have been nervous about investing in stocks. But there are some ways that you can prepare yourself mentally to invest and make the process smoother. You might be better off if you invest in a few stocks before diving into an entire portfolio.  Before you invest in stocks, get to know the companies that you’re interested in. Read their stock statements and research the company’s history and present state of affairs.
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  • Aug 15 2022
    A Beginner’s Guide to Technical Analysis: A Short Introduction for Beginner Traders [00:00] Introduction to Technical Analysis [00:35] Effect of Supply and Demand pressures on stock prices [00:45] Effect of News on the stock prices [00:51] Charting as a tool of stock analysis [01:12] Support and Resistant levels as tools of stock analysis [01:44] Advice on the volatility of Stock prices [01:52] Elements to look for when researching suitable stocks [02:26] Considerations to make when using Indicators to analyze stock price movements [02:45] Closing remarks [02:55] The end Episode Link https://www.markettechnologyflex.blog/podcast/ (https://www.markettechnologyflex.blog/podcast/) Quotes        “Stock prices are determined by supply and demand; when there is more buying pressure than the selling pressure the selling price will rise is high and when there is more selling pressure than the buying pressure then prices will fall.” ·    “By looking at charts you can get clues of future stock movements”       “There is no particular formula for stock investment but by doing your research and staying up to date on the market news you can put yourself in making successful investment choices.”  Keywords Stock Price, Technical Analysis, Support and Resistant levels, stock volume, Stock PDE ratio, stock investment
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  • Aug 12 2022
    If you’ve wondered what Forex trading is, you’re not alone. Many people are curious about this type of trading but it can be confusing for the unfamiliar. We’ll break down everything about forex trading. We will discuss what forex trading is, how it works, and the benefits of investing in this market. You will clearly understand what forex trading is and whether it’s right for you!
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