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  • We Still Like Each Other the podcast is a space curated by two married 30 somethings, proving that the honeymoon stage does not have to end in marriage. Newly married couples have to duck and dive negative comments like “oh just wait til you’re 5 years in” or “oh this is just the honeymoon stage”. They want the world to know they can keep their pessimistic comments to themselves! Travis and Stephanie debunk relationship myths while diving into social, emotional, trending, personal, and relationship topics. They keep it real and raw while being open about their infidelities, sex life, family dynamics, disagreements and money. Their podcast has also become an outlet for other people to share their dating and relationship stories seeking advice or just wanting to share a laugh. On their segment “Oh So Ya’ll Can Relate” they share listener submissions anonymously while giving their honest advice and raw commentary. So whether you’re single, dating, or married We Still Like Each Other is sure to keep you entertained via audio or visual podcasting. Stephanie’s infectious or obnoxious laughter, depending who you ask, combined with Travis’ sex operator or Allstate commercial guy voice is quite the combo.
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  • May 15 2022

    This week Stephanie opens up about a recent phenomena she has been experiencing, Angel numbers, through Travis' eye rolls and judgment. Do you believe in coincidences or does everything happen for a reason? (This is episode 44, I'm just saying.) 

    Travis’ “Did You Know?” this week tried to undermine our whole message, the honeymoon stage NEVER EVER has to end. Then they discuss how to decipher between healthy expectations in a relationship, versus asking for too much. At times Stephanie has felt she expected Travis to be her father. He’s “Daddy” but not THAT daddy. Travis’ go with the flow personality has been helpful in never really setting many expectations. Is this a good or bad thing? 

    Lastly, on “Oh So Yall Can Relate”, Travis pleads with the writer to RUN. Stephanie is hopeful that therapy can work. Is your partner's support during a vulnerable moment negated when they use it against you? Stephanie discusses how in the past she thought some physical abuse was acceptable. She's vulnerable about how her childhood impacted how she dealt with disagreements in her early relationships.

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    1 hr and 9 mins
  • May 8 2022

    This week on the Mother’s Day Special, Travis and Stephanie are joined by the women that brought them into this world, Simone and Elizabeth. They discuss their thoughts on the supreme court leak, the potential implication on banning legal abortions and their personal opinions on a woman’s choice. 

    Travis and Stephanie get to hear their mother’s talk about their experience with motherhood as daughters, mothers, and now grandmothers. The evolution of motherhood for them, the tough choices they had to make, things they wish they had done differently and things they are proud of.  

    Bring your tissues and enjoy. 

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    58 mins
  • Apr 24 2022

    Travis and Stephanie are back after enduring Round 2 of COVID at their house. They are back asking the tough questions. Why do men cheat? How do you know your partner won't cheat? Is a break a break up? Or is it valuable space to bring couples together? 

    Relationship clichés, are there any truths to them? Can you make them apply when it's convenient for you? 

    Sometimes being good friends in your relationship prevents you from vocalizing your romantic needs. What has Stephanie been holding back? Or is she just tired of repeating the same thing over and over?

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    1 hr and 2 mins

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