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  • Welcome to the Masters of Real Estate Podcast... …where we interview stars and rising stars of the real estate investing game, and seek to discover their secrets of success!
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  • May 22 2022

    Have you ever been involved in a bad business partnership?  

    We talk to so many people who have a bad partnership story, so if you’ve been in business for a while, we’re guessing you might have that kind of saga as well!

    It’s easy to see why people get into partnerships… it can make business seem a whole lot less daunting and intimidating.  And the thought of possibly multiplying your upside is a really enticing thought, isn’t it?

    It’s true… the right partnership can take you to the moon.  The wrong partnership though… can sink you like the Titanic!

    In a culture where the majority of marriages end in divorce (a business partnership is very much like a marriage in many ways), how the heck do you find the RIGHT alliance?

    Our guests, Terri and Alia, seem to have found that magic elixir!

    Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

    • The best place to meet potential business partners.
    • Want to create a legendary partnership that can skyrocket your business?  Here’s a simple mindset shift that changes the entire game!
    • The ultimate resource for finding the right business partner.
    • Ready to raise capital like a rock star?  Here are the top 4 things your prospective money partners are looking for.
    • Why you should “dig your well before your thirsty” when it comes to raising money.
    • Terri & Alia’s top 3 strategies for getting the money you need to fund your deal.
    • Why business and investing is a “spiritual game”.  Adopt this mindset and belief… and watch your business go to the moon!
    • Much, much more!

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Terri Garner and Alia Carter

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    59 mins
  • May 9 2022

    Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode:

    • The pro’s and cons of REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts)… and the #1 benefit they offer.


    • Paper Power: Should you be a Note Investor?
    • It may feel too slow for some, but THIS is still the most sure-fire way to build wealth in real estate.
    • How to capitalize on the “sharing economy”… and turn your property into a short-term rental, plus… one little-used twist on how you can significantly reduce your risk if you want to start or grow this type of enterprise!
    • Should you be a flipper?
    • A unique approach on how to invest in parcels of land… and create multiple streams of income.
    • The major advantages of investing in commercial real estate.

      You can visit us online at: www.GoDreamVest.com or www.BillandKimmie.com


    Thank you for listening!

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    Who are Bill and Kimmie?

    Here’s a quick snippet on who they are (and why you should, or should not, be listening to them)!  And if you want a little deeper dive on their history, mindset, and approach to investing, here’s an interview they did titled The Truth: Bill G & Kimmie P EXPOSED!

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    28 mins
  • May 2 2022

    In this follow-up episode, we go on a deep-dive with Bryan Ayres as he takes away the mystery and divulges exactly what he does in his primary role as an Asset Manager.  


    Want to avoid lemons and ensure you “buy right”?  Implement a process to keep a rehab project on budget and on time?  Monitor key metrics in just a few minutes a week?  Manage cash flow like a CFO?


    All that and more is covered in this riveting interview with one of the best in the business!


    Here’s a sample of what we discuss:


    • Behind the Curtain: What really happens beforepurchasing a property… and happens during the hold period.


    • The power of having a good “Rolodex”.


    • Due Diligence: What you absolutely must do before closing on any property.


    • Bryan’s “chain of command” theory of leadership… and how it allows him to effectively manage the manager.


    • Simple tips and techniques on how to effectively manage cash flow.


    • The secret to keeping your finger on the pulse of the economy and specific markets – so you can make the most timely (and profitable!) buying and selling decisions.


    • Much, much more!


    More about Bryan Ayres:


    Bryan is a licensed General Contractor, and Property Inspector with over 25 years of Property Management experience, and an Apartment Syndicator with partnership interests in over 1,000 multifamily units throughout the Southwest and Midwest region of the U.S.


    For contact info and links to recommended resources, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Bryan Ayres

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