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  • From escaping serial killers to surviving mass shootings, from flying fighter jets to cult survivors; from shark attack victims to psychic detectives; we interview extraordinary guests who are inspirational, motivational, and even somewhat, unusual! Nothing is off-limits!
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  • Oct 27 2020

     Their mission is to capture, without question, evidence of the unknown, the unbelievable and the unexplained. They seek to identify the intent of anything unnatural existing among you. They aim to help the living understand, cope with, and be unafraid of...the beyond that lives among us.  What is left after failure to uncover scientific evidence, must be paranormal.  The crazy part is...they do it for free!!  Joining today’s show is Gene Walters, Zac Paeth, Erik Kramer, and Jordan Levin…the guys from the 3 AM Xtreme Paranormal Ghost Hunting Society.  Our special Halloween edition!!!    

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    35 mins
  • Oct 13 2020

    Today’s guest communicates with those who have passed over to
    the spirit world. She explains the technical details of being an evidential medium. Let’s welcome to the show, from the United Kingdom, Danielle Smith…also known as "Danielle the Happy Medium."

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    29 mins
  • Sep 22 2020

    In 1979 and 1980, a minimum of 21 boys and young men were raped,
    tortured, and murdered by William George Bonin...also known as the
    Freeway Killer. He was suspected of committing a further 15 murders and
    the bodies of his victims were discovered alongside numerous freeways in
    southern California. Described by the prosecutor at his first trial as "the
    most arch-evil person who ever existed."  Bonin was sentenced to death
    and executed, and the testimony of today’s guest had a great impact on the

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    39 mins

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