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  • May 31 2022

    Welcome to Rachel Academy podcast, where business meets wellness.

    My name is Rachel April Phillips. Inspiring, motivating, and helping business owners do business in the most holistic, balanced, and and meaningful way.

    Rachel Academy, the digital heaven for business owners putting their wellbeing first.

    What's up? Lovely. Is Rachel here? Hope you've had a wonderful, productive weekend and a exciting week ahead. So I wanted to come up on here. As I promised, I was going to do another live for you guys. 

    I'm going to be bare and open. I'm going to be raw. I'm going to be real. I am going to share with you a journey that I personally went on myself. And as you can see from the title, Ten Lessons I Learned From Battling With Depression at the Age of 30.

    And the reason why I decided to do this live was because yesterday I was honored to be a speaker at a webinar event hosted by Fresh Books and hosted by I Make a Living, which are the same company, but they own different brands. And they invited a couple of guest speakers on there to talk about their journey of being a palatable entrepreneur.

    Have they gone through anything where they had to change and be someone else and had to conform and fit into a click or group or a company or change their whole outlook on life just to fit in while growing and building their business? It was a great time. I really enjoyed myself.

    Thank you to Yvonne.

    Thank you to Irene, part of the Fresh book team,who allowed me to come and share my story.

    And in the webinar that we did yesterday, they asked me the question, how come am I open to talk about and why am I open to talk about my journey with depression and why I decided to be very real and very open about my experience.And we were communicating, talking about it. And I thought I didn't really explain really well the reasons why I'm open about talking and free to talk about my journey going through depression.

    So you know what I thought? You know, while I'm doing this today? I want to touch on that. If you watched any of my videos or audios online and heard me talk about the journey of depression and maybe if I haven't articulated it clear enough, I thought today would be the day because I'm really, truly from the bottom of my heart, the reason why I want to talk about it, the reason why I feel it's important to talk about it, the reason why I am talking about it, because I want to hopefully help someone out there who might be on that journey of going through depression, who may have been through depression before or that they're stuck at a place where they feel overwhelmed.

    This episode is from our She Means Business Tool Box. You can listen in to all our other educational and wellness products over at Rachael Academy.

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  • May 30 2022

    Welcome to Rachel Academy podcast where business meets wellness. My name is Rachel April Phillips inspiring, motivating and helping business owners do business in the most holistic, balanced, and and meaningful way.

    This latest episode is from our Startup Tool Box for those of you wanting to launch, run and grow a highly successful business this year.

    Rachel Academy the digital heaven for business owners putting their well being first, welcome to my five membership site ideas that you can start as a business owner, a freelancer, or a student wanting to start a side hustle.

    A membership site is an excellent way for you and your business to earn recurring income. However, deciding on what kind of membership site you should start can get a little tricky.

    This means that you will need to brainstorm for possible membership site ideas. Your membership site needs to revolve around one central idea, which is solving your members problems. This means that you have to have a deep understanding of the challenges and difficulties that your members struggle with and provide them with a practical solution to them.

    Once you've determined two to three possible membership site ideas, you have to go through the process of validating the ideas to ensure you won't end up investing too much time and money in an idea that won't be profitable to you. You have to know if your idea is going to work before you start the process of creating your membership site.If you're not sure where to start when it comes to brainstorming and validating a membership site idea.

    Here are my top five membership site ideas that have proven to be profitable and that can jump start the process of starting a membership site. 

    Don't forget to check out more great podcast shows over at Rachael Academy 

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  • May 4 2022

    What's up, What's up Lovelies. Thank you so much for taking the time to join us on another episode.

    You are listening to Rachael Academy Podcast with my wonderful guest, Omar Zac Phillips.

    Today's episode, we're going to talk about 'Time To Get The Job Done'. This is from our entrepreneur toolbox.

    If you want to find out how to grow your business holistically, come and visit us at www.rachaelacademy.com

    It's 2022 and the year is literally just ticking by.

    So how are you on the process?

    How you in terms of getting things going on?

    Have you fallen off the trolley from your New Year's resolutions already?

    Or are you sticking to the stuff?

    Are you living out your visions, your dreams, your hopes, inspirations, your aspiration?

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