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  • Welcome to the Reclaiming YOU podcast. Your host, Positive Paula, is on a journey to reclaim control over her health, her relationships, and her LIFE.....and she wants you to come along. Do you ever deal with body shame and low self esteem? Maybe you're stuck in that cycle of losing....and re-gaining that same 20 lbs over and over again.....GIRL....we feel you and you are in the right place! Paula has experienced it all from battling hormone imbalances to infertility and even dealing with stage 3 adrenal fatigue. The goal of this podcast is to help you to release your fears, frustrations and limiting beliefs so that you can transform those thoughts into a sense of joy, fulfillment, and passion for life. Even if you are feeling like you are buried under a mountain of adversity.....on this show.....we will work through it together!...Here's your host Paula Miller
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  • Jan 25 2021

    I just received my B3 bands!!  They use the BFR (blood flow restriction) concept BUT soooo much better. The design is multi chambers that is inflated like a blood pressure cuff. You then perform a 20min workout with bands or light dumbbells, use as a warmup or post workout burn after a weight training workout, or go for a simple walk. 🔥

    It’s great for those unable to get the HIIT workout stimulus without the heavy weights and hour long workouts.  It tricks the mind thinking you are doing a HIIT workout.  It’s great to use in conjunction with your powerlifting, olympic lifting programs, swimming, running…basically any sport! 

    I plan on doing my 4 heavy lifting days and 3 B3 band days, I also plan on using them post workout on my heavy lifting days or simply stand on my vibration platform while wearing them.  So many options…😁

    Studies show a 25x increase in HGH with the use of these bands. HGH decreases as we age. 

    In addition to increasing HGH in helps regulate blood sugar, brain health, heart health, Immunity, obesity, lose weight, reduce joint pain, thyroid health, hormone imbalance, vein health, build strength & muscle, perform better, rehab, run, bike, and swim. 

    Also extremely beneficial for physically challenges individuals and seniors as it helps with osteoporosis, gaining strength and muscles mass. 💪🏼

    Check out the 4 min. video below 👇🏼


    DM or email me if you are interested in learning more:


    Instagram: paula4miller

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    17 mins
  • Jan 18 2021

    In this episode I recorded another Telemedicine Zoom call with Dr. Grace who has been on the show a few times and I am working with her to regulate my hormones. 

    This call  was in regards to my hormone tests results and our conversation was bitter sweet...yes I have a lot of work to do to heal my hormones as I am reclaiming my health from the inside out...on a cellular level.  

    We will discuss my test results as well as ways to start the healing process with supplements, how to reduce my EMF exposure, meditation, books to read and the B3 bands  which I will give me the HIIT that I have been lacking in my training. I will do another whole episode these bands.  I believe them to be groundbreaking and a definite game changer with my health in many ways...strength, hormones, sleep, and of course weight loss. 

    For more information on the B3 bands please watch the 4min video below 👇🏼


    Follow Dr Grace:

    Instagram: uncommonmed

    Podcast: (un)common medicine

    Website: https://www.sainrx.com

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    45 mins
  • Jan 11 2021

    Gregory and I had an amazing conversation.  As some of you know I have recently started a spiritual journey of my own, searching for life’s meaning and inner peace. I was truly moved by our conversation and thought about it for days after the interview. It definitely made an impact on me. 

    Gregory discussed his diagnoses with dyslexia at eight years of age. His reading disability was a constant struggle, but through it all he learned the enjoyment of it.

    Mr. Davis served two years in the Peace Corps in Honduras developing small businesses, where he became fluent in Spanish.

    At the age of 33 his life was touched by cancer and this diagnosis drove his intention of having a more profound impact with his life.

    Gregory, coming from a family that believed in the importance of personal betterment, became a key lead in Choices

    We discuss the seminars he continues to lead Choices, a personal-growth program, founded by his grandmother Thelma Box, in the early 1980’s.  

    The arrival of his children added to his drive of becoming a better man and added the mission of passing such wisdom to his kids... such ideas became the core of his book Wisdom is the Beginning which we discuss in the interview. 

    I hope you enjoyed that interview as much as I did.  Gregory was kind enough to signed book giveaway of his newest book, Wisdom is the Beginning.

    To qualify all you have to do....

    1. Provide us with their email addresses so we can add them to the Author’s mailing list. 

    2. Follow Gregory on Instagram: @WisdomIsTheBeginning 

    The signed copies will be sent anywhere in the USA! 

    Social Media - Instagram: @Wisdomisthebeginning 

    Website: https://wisdomisthebeginning.com


    Please follow me on Instagram: paula4miller 

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