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  • Apr 6 2021

    Here is part two of this special two-part episode, looking back and reflecting on living this past year in a pandemic. 

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    39 mins
  • Mar 15 2021

    In this special two part episode, we take time to look back and reflect on living this past year in a pandemic. We hope you enjoy part one and look forward to releasing part two soon.

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    32 mins
  • Dec 21 2020

    Join us today for this special, longer episode where we celebrate all things Christmas! We take time to share family traditions, favorite memories, Christmas movies, Christmas songs and more.  

    Give us a listen and share your Christmas memories and thoughts with us at @timetorunamok on Facebook and Twitter or email us at timetorunamok@gmail.com

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    1 hr and 19 mins
  • Dec 7 2020

    Tracy and Aaron had a short but good discussion on The Mandalorian without Spenser, and hurt Spenser's feelings in the process. But, don't worry he's on for a little bit to tell us how hurt he is.

    Spoiler alert: About 11 minutes in, we start the discussion of The Mandalorian. We are discussing the show through "Chapter 13: The Jedi". 

    If you're not that far yet, please download this episode, listen to all three of us discuss Spenser's hurt feelings and listen to the rest when you've caught up. 

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    28 mins
  • Nov 20 2020

    On this episode, we take some shallow and some really deep dives into the world of conspiracies, myths, and legends. Who knew Spenser was such a hard core believer?!

    Here's some fun additional reading/viewing:

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    53 mins
  • Nov 5 2020

    You don't want to miss this special decision themed episode. In such an uncertain time, we do our best to settle the very most important issues of the day.

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    43 mins
  • Oct 30 2020
    • Shows with great second seasons
    • Halloween costume ideas
    • Top 5'ish surprise blessings during this difficult year
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    45 mins
  • May 14 2020

    Join in on a belated Mother's day tribute to our mom's and at least 15 of the best & worst TV and movie moms!

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    50 mins
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