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  • Helping you understand the times and know how to live and lead. Every week Issachar Global founder Matt Bird broadcasts a 15 minute talk and prayer to encourage you in your life and leadership. Matt Bird is a leader, speaker, author and broadcaster who has been teaching for thirty years.
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  • Models of Mentoring 8 : Mentor as Teacher

    Oct 23 2021
    The Mentor as a Teacher is someone like Paul, who passed on his knowledge and his understanding to somebody like Timothy. In 2 Timothy 2:1-2 Paul instructs Timothy to “find reliable people who you can trust, to teach others.” This is the power of knowledge. This is the power of truth. This is the power of teaching. Become a teacher of teachers. There's a saying that says that “leaders read”. Well, yes, leaders are always hungry for knowledge, hungry to learn and never give up learning. But I say leaders teach. Leaders write. Leaders of leaders actually capture what they've learned, write it down so they can teach others In this talk we ask - Who are your teachers? Who are the people that have mentored you and taught you? And not just in school, but in life, who are the people that have passed on their knowledge, their know-how and their practical understanding? Who are the people that have enabled you to do things you might never have dreamed or never have imagined? But we also flip the question around, and ask, Who are the people that you are teaching?Who are the people that you're passing on your knowledge to? What is it that God has given you an understanding of and a richness of that you can pass on to others? #ModelsOfMentoring #Mentor #SundayTalks #MattBird #Teacher
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  • Models of Mentoring 7 : Mentor as Sponsor

    Oct 16 2021
    When you think about a sponsor think about someone who gives you access to People, access to Places, and access to Provision. Think about them as people who sponsor you financially, and enable you to do things that you wouldn't otherwise have been able to do - perhaps the things that Jesus has called you to do. This is the Mentor As A Sponsor - the mentor as a benefactor. In the book of Romans, Chapter 16:1&2, Paul writes, ”I commend to you, our sister Phoebe… I ask you to receive her in the Lord, in a way worthy of his people, and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been the benefactor of many people, including me…” Who are the sponsors in your life? Who are the people that have mentored you, and sponsored you? Who have given you access to people, have given you access to places, who have sponsored you financially and enabled you to do things you wouldn't have otherwise been able to do? Also ask yourself - Who can you be a sponsor to? Who can you help?
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  • Models of Mentoring 6 : Mentor as a Sharpening Stone

    Oct 8 2021
    When we hear “mentoring” we tend to think about somebody who's more experienced and more knowledgeable working with someone who is less experienced and less knowledgeable. When we look at Mentoring as a Sharpening Stone you will see that it is a peer to peer relationship, where people who have a similar level of knowledge and a similar level of experience have a friendship. When a chef’s knife is worked hard, he gets out the sharpening stone and sharpen it up to make it effective and fit for purpose. Some mentoring relationships are like sharpening stones, where in a relationship with somebody, you’re learning from each other in a peer to peer kind of way. A well known saying from Proverbs 27:17 is “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” This is a great image of two pieces of iron, instead of blunting each other, they sharpen each other. This is a picture of a relationship where one person sharpens another person, and makes them more effective, more fine-tuned and more more impactful, and influential. In 1 Samuel 18:1-4 we see that David and Jonathan had an amazing relationship just like this… There were moments when they saved each other's lives and other moments when they just sat and talked around the fire. They were were peers, and each sharpened each other. It was a great, great combination, and a great friendship. Who are those people in your life? Who are the people for you, who are like sharpening stones? So it doesn't matter how blunt or ineffective you may feel - when you spend time with them, you come away feeling sharper and more effective. We all can have people like that in our lives - not just people who do that for us, but people that we do that for - who are you, a sharpening stone for?
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