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  • Sep 16 2022

    The #1 biggest mistake business owners do that keeps their business small is refusing to outsource and doing everything yourself. Even if you are the specialist of specialists, a portion of what you do could be handled by someone else or taught to the right person. As a business owner, your time should be spent doing Innovation Work, not your tasks that can be outsourced. If you want to grow well beyond the Sovereign CEO minimum of $85,000 per year then you'll need to outsource to find the time to put in the IW time to achieve your income goals!

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    19 mins
  • Sep 10 2022

    In a world where there are so many different things to choose from when it comes to investing, and multiple more ways to lose your money, what do you do? The best way to safeguard against that is to diversify your income. Don't just rely on one check, especially if you have your own business. Make sure you have multiple ways of making money and you'll keep the cash flowing, no matter the issue that comes up. Everyone has a spare tire in their care, but nobody has a spare income.

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    20 mins
  • Sep 2 2022

    The only (semi) valid excuse for not moving out of the country is that you have children. BUT - there is always a way around this. In this video, I will break down the 4 scenarios you could find yourself in if you have small children and are separated from the mother. And I'll tell you how you can navigate these situations. They are NOT easy, but this is what you'll need to do to make this situation less of a hurdle and more of a small roadblock in your journey to international freedom!

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    23 mins
  • Aug 27 2022

    Are you thinking about relocating to Latin America or Asia? Do you KNOW anything about them? If you're a westerner with no experience in either of these places, you probably wouldn't know that lumping all countries into Asia or Latin America doesn't quite make any sense, and here is why. The Japanese ARE NOT the Chinese, and Paraguay isn't Colombia. Here's what you need to know, and how I've been surprised in the past visiting new places and absolutely loving them!

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    19 mins
  • Aug 19 2022

    I get countless excuses about why they can't leave their country and they NEED to stay. One of those reasons, is that I'm running away like a coward, and that I should be staying to fight for my country! Some of the point I make in this video I've already touched on, but I'll prove to you I'm not only NOT scared, I'm smart, and you're the one who's going to be stuck in a collapsed country. It's an impossibility that most western countries can come back from the demise that is ensuing right now! Stay in a sinking ship? Or save yourself and swim to shore? That is what we'll discuss in this podcast today!

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    18 mins
  • Aug 12 2022

    What should you invest in now, in the 2020s? It's a tough question. In the past, it used to be more straightforward. You could rely on investing in relatively few things, and expect a solid return. But now, there are so many different things to invest in, and more volatile options than ever before. It's not so cut and dry anymore, but the one thing you can be certain of is that diversifying your investments into different areas will maximize your potential. And there's always a rule to moving stuff around to capitalize on the changing markets.

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    24 mins
  • Aug 5 2022

    Have you ever thought about the Future of Your Country? Join me today in the 30th Sovereign CEO Podcast as we discuss rising countries and collapsing countries. If I tell you your country is collapsing, and your counter argument is to point out statistics about today, at this very point in time, then you aren't looking into the all-important future. Where your country currently is, is in a state of collapsing. It hasn't collapsed, YET. If you focus on this, then I'm sorry to tell you that you aren't looking where you need to. You'll wake up, and it will be too late if you can look out the window and SEE the issues. It's time to ask yourself, "Where is my country really going?", and if the answer scares you - DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

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    17 mins
  • Jul 29 2022

    In this podcast, let's talk about a specific number you need to ingrain into your mind. How much money do YOU need to make to achieve everything you want? Not your business, but how much do you specifically pay yourself or need to make to be happy? It's easy to underestimate, and leave out key important expenses. Grab a notebook and pen, you'll want to take notes during this one, because it WILL change your mindset and motivate you in the right direction.

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    22 mins
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