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  • The Art of Maneuver is a series of mini podcasts that demonstrates how to defeat the bureaucracy, using principles inspired by maneuver warfare. Patrick Edwards and Brandon Newell are two thought leaders and veterans of the US military, who are now sharing their earned wisdom of how to take on the bureaucracy - and win - using your best asset: your passion and your authentic self.
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  • May 25 2021

    When the time comes for you to leave an organization, don't count on the next person owning your ideas and initiatives the way you did. Don't count on them at all - the bureaucracy doesn't rise to the occasion to replace you well. Designate a natural stopping point while you're in the seat. 

    So what should you look for? Look to naturally culminate components of what you've created by the time you leave. You have built tools and a brand that they can use in their own way. If you want them to be impactful, you need them to be agile for the way the next person wants to use them - not scripted for them. Use your success to enable the next person to be a founder.

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    9 mins
  • May 20 2021

    Don't let the bureaucracy over-invest in you. The bureaucracy will want to kill you. Think of Sun Tzu and the Art of War. Don’t let your adversary know you are it's adversary. Don’t skyline yourself as an innovator, or the bureaucracy will train its eyes on you to defeat you. Practically, it also puts too much pressure on the innovator if you are skylined too early. Innovation is about iterative design. Don’t force yourself as the innovator to defend yourself during the iterative process. Wait until your solution is too good to ignore. 

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    8 mins
  • May 18 2021

    Don’t build programs, find innovators and disruptors. Invest in them. You can manufacture them. You identify them. Pour the support you would have had for the founderless innovation office, into the next disruptor. 

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    8 mins

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