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  • The Military Whistleblower Protection Act, Title 10 U.S.C. § 1034 and DoD 7050.06, Military Whistleblower Protection of July 23, 2007 was designed to protect service members from being punished for making protected communications or reporting act of Fraud, Waste and Abuse or other acts wrong doing. Contrarily, the law lacked the verbiage of “enforcement” and the stipulations of who can initiate an investigation. This leaves giant loopholes for perpetrators or enablers to circumvent the system(s) using the UCMJ to legally create “hostile environments” by criminalizing service members for legal acts with impunity. Additionally, this document explores the appeals process and explains through real-life experience why there’s a need for an appellate strictly for Article 15’s that lack the standard of proof “beyond reasonable doubt”.
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  • Oct 13 2021

    The intent of the Dirty Paper Project is not to embarrass, not to harm nor construe the reputation of Airman, Commanders, JAG’s, or place the US Air Force in a bad light. The intent is to correct an obvious injustice by highlighting an egregious compromise of integrity by providing the factual account of events. Although, there have been changes to the UCMJ and Court Martial procedures. These changes fail to identify the loopholes in procedures that enable misconduct and malfeasance. 

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  • Dec 31 2021

    If you want to know what it is like trying to get your records corrected through the Air Force Board of Military Corrections? The Dirty Paper Project and Podcast takes you blow for blow and explains why the systems needs an immediate overhaul. In short, the Air Forces version of Article 15 (NJP) or appeals process needs to be removed from Air Forces Board of Military Corrections and the Dirty Paper Project explains why. Follow us in this  multi-part series where we go in depth and with evidence including the never heard before illegal interrogation, the AFBMCR say doesn't exist. And, this is how you fight a heavy weight with your hand ties behind your back! I want to welcome you to the Dirty Paper Project and the Dirty Paper podcast.

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  • Jan 9 2022

    On the 14 August of 2007, I found myself contemplating the reasons of why and how I was getting ready to stand in front of the commander. Additionally, I found myself perplexed as to why I was giving a reporting statement to a Major who was just a Captain the day before? While there were a lot of odd things going on this moment, but at this time the most apparent thing that stood out was the fact that this Major was not the commander nor was there a First Sergeant present. On this day, I was being given an Article 15 (Non-Judicial Punishment). I was being charged with Article 86 for being AWOL while on leave and an Article 92 for disobeying an Order to Call my Superintendent at her desk. In addition to the Article 15, I was given 3 Letters of Reprimand for offenses that allegedly happened four months prior to the Article 15. Just for reference one of the Letters of Reprimand was for not cleaning my office and I say this so you can surmise for yourself what the type of criminalization that is about to occur. In order to understand this and the moments thereafter, we must understand the events that took place before the 14 August of 2007. 

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