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  • This is a show where we re-watch your favourite Romantic Comedies, break em down a bit, take a peak behind the curtain, dig beneath the surface and decide... do they still hold up?
    2022 Devin McNeil & Sarah White
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  • Aug 16 2022

    By popular demand it's the Rom Com Rewind - Pop Culture Roundup! Jennifer Coolidge thinks she bagged about 200 guys from playing 'Stifler's mom. Reese Witherspoon talks Legally Blonde 3, The Dirty Dancing Sequel might contain Patrick Swayze's likeness. Sarah gets a full view of Tommy Lee's Instagram history! All that and more on this episode!

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    30 mins
  • Aug 9 2022

    This is 40 is the ‘sort of sequel’ as Judd Apatow puts it to the 2007 film Knocked Up.

    This is 40, released in 2012 is the story of Pete, played by Paul Rudd and Debbie, played by Leslie Mann. Pete and Debbie are married as they were in Knocked Up, but just as in Knocked Up life is not all totally perfect. They are both turning 40 they have daughters aged 8 and 13 who are a handful, they are struggling with money, careers, relationships with other family members. Honestly they are even struggling with their OWN relationship... and that is KINDA the story OF… This is 40. 

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    52 mins
  • Aug 2 2022

    This week we finally re-watch 500 Days of Summer, Directed by Mark Webb.

    500 Days of Summer is the story of Tom Hansen played by Joseph Gordon Levitt and Summer Finn played by Zoey Deschanel.

    The peculiar way in which this story is told makes it hard to give a lead in without totally spoiling the film.

    This story spans 500 days… 500 days in which Tom Hansen is in love with Summer Finn, but the story is not told in sequential order, we jump in and out of these 500 days, slowly piecing together this story like a jig-saw puzzle. At times we peek in on a horrible argument, other times we jump backward in time to a beautiful date night at the movies. Slowly as we the audience step back… and back again… we get a full picture of the love, the loss, the rebirth of these two individuals Tom Hansen and Summer Finn, as we ultimately learn the story… of 500 Days of Summer…

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