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  • Grab your drink of choice, a comfy space and sit down with Professor Sarah and ER Tech Brody as we investigate, ponder and examine a striking new topic about the world each week...WHO invented the tampon? WHAT is micro-dosing? WHEN did companies stop putting Heroin in kids cough syrup? WHERE was Ice Cream invented? WHY do people like ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response)? HOW are cults a thing?We have so many questions about the world, the humans in it and everything about LIFE! It is ALL worth wondering. So join us as we wander through life's quandaries and get some answers!Cover Art Photo by Fernando Padilla Intro Music: Ketsa "7am" (https://ketsa.uk/)Outro Music: HoliznaCC0 "Starving for Something" (https://freemusicarchive.org/music/holiznacc0)
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  • Jun 23 2022

    Inspired by a real life glitch-in-the-matrix moment via "The Lemon Video" on TikTok, Sarah brings us real moments that made people think, "Are we living in a simulation?". 

    Based off of the hit 1999 movie "The Matrix" in which the world was actually living within a computer simulation, we discuss not only real stories that people experienced but also the current science behind the possibility of living in a simulation AND what glitches would be and look like if that simulation were real!

    Take a break and listen to story time in the MATRIX!

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    1 hr and 11 mins
  • Jun 16 2022

    Brody bravely opens up about his and Holly's journey with infertility and what led them to IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). He talks about what IVF is, the costs, the hormones, the side effects, the mental load of such a journey and what he did and did not expect from this all-consuming time of life. 

    While many routes of IVF exist, we focus on the IVF journey of those who have unexplained infertility: "When infertile couples or individuals have undergone all appropriate tests and no cause for their infertility is found". So while some couples may not have viable sperm or eggs to contribute to IVF, this episode discusses the journey a couple may experience if you do have those two components to contribute but still struggle to conceive. 

    So many couples lives are upended by infertility. It is invasive and emotional and all-consuming of your time, energy and physical and emotional health. So take a listen and see what Brody has to say about staying hopeful through a decade of trying to conceive and how to keep your relationship strong as well. 

    To those trying to conceive...baby dust! We hope you get your rainbow baby!

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    57 mins
  • Jun 2 2022

    Sarah, in hopes of driving across country to Connecticut in the coming weeks, prepared for the trip by researching the weirdest and spookiest places to see in the great state of Connecticut, USA! 

    We talk about paranormal locations like Seaside Sanitorium, the Jewett City Vampires, an abandoned fairy village in the forest, the birthplace of America's sweetheart: the Hamburger, lost treasure on the triple-cursed "Charles island" and more!

    It will make you want to take a trip to Connecticut this weekend! 

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    57 mins

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