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  • Jun 27 2022

    Billy Phong seems to have the “Midas Touch”, where everything he touches… turns to gold!

    How did he develop this golden touch?  

    Like most uber-successes in the world… through hard work, persistence, and an unbreakable determination to rise above any setback or so-called failure (like the time he found himself $700k+ underwater early in his career!).

    You may want to pull out a notebook and plan on listening at least a couple of times… this interview is chock-full of what it REALLY takes to play the game of business at the highest level!

    Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

    • How a stint in prison – at age 19 – changed his life.
    • The #1 thing you should do… before you even think about investing in real estate.
    • Billy’s favorite real estate asset class… and why (this will surprise you!).
    • How Billy created a thriving Real Estate Brokerage… by making it a “purpose-driven” enterprise.
    • Tips on how to scale from 2 to 10 restaurants… and how he’s fostered a highly motivated staff with an “ownership mindset”.
    • The economics of the car wash business… and why this is Billy’s next venture.
    • The top 2 thingsthat are responsible for massive success in business and in life.  
    • The power of giving… in action!
    • A daily habit that allows Billy to continually “sharpen his saw”… stay on the cutting edge… and consistently raise his game.
    • Billy’s highest impact activities… that deliver 80% of his results.
    • The power of a family mission statement… and its power to shape your children’s destiny.
    • Why Billy married a B.I.T.C.H.

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Billy Phong


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    57 mins
  • Jun 20 2022

    Can investors really incorporate interior design in a way that helps boost overall returns?  Many investors don’t believe so, but Nika Roback begs to differ.  Because she’s not your typical interior designer!

    Yes, she’s a designer with over 20 years of experience, but she’s also an investor who’s been involved in many facets of the real estate investing game, including fix & flips, short-term rentals, remodels, new construction, and rentals, in both the residential and multi-family sectors… so she has a unique understanding on how to marry the cost-saving needs of investors, without compromising the aesthetics that can bolster revenues.

    In this episode, Nika shares some proven ways to get more bookings for your short-term rentals, as well as some other ideas on how to maximize the ROI on any of your real estate investments.   

    Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

    • How investors can incorporate interior design – in a cost-effective way.
    • The #1 way service providers can compete and blow away the competition(and no… it has nothing to do with slashing your prices!).
    • Contract Basics… and how to not get ripped off by contractors and tradespeople.  
    • Insider tips on how to get way more bookings for your short-terms rentals.
    • Nika’s “go to” design strategy for delivering that WOW FACTOR.
    • Emerging opportunitieswith ADU’s and pre-fabricated homes.
    • Much, much more!

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Nika Roback

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    56 mins
  • Jun 13 2022

    Being a Developer is rare enough.  

    What’s even more rare?  Being a ‘female’ developer!

    That’s who our guest is today – Eileen Robarge – who takes us on a journey into the world of development and ground-up new construction.  

    Yes, the development game is filled with more moving parts, more challenges, longer timelines, and more potential surprises, which all adds up to greater risk… but it also provides the opportunity for getting bigger wins.

    Eileen shares some hard-fought lessons on how to mitigate that risk… if you want to realize those greater rewards!

    Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

    • Why new construction can generate greater valuations and deliver higher returns if you set things up right… and some insider tips to ensure this happens.
    • The downside and potential pitfalls with new construction/development… and how to minimize those risks.
    • An inspiring example of… “how you’re only 1 property away from retirement”!
    • Secrets to managing a team virtually… and creating incentives that inspire employees to take complete ownership of their tasks and goals.
    • How Eileen “recharges her battery”… and her philosophy of ‘taking the path of hardest resistance’ (it’s probably not the path most advisors prescribe, but if you have a similar personality/mindset to Eileen, this may work for you as well!)
    • 3 tips for getting started in the development game.
    • Much, much more!

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Eileen Robarge

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  • Jun 6 2022

    Bill Tan has been in the real estate investing arena for over 4 decades now… and has met and become friends with some of the most savvy, smart, and successful investors and educators of all time.  

    What were the most important lessons he learned from them?  Who was the smartest?  Did anyone surprise (or shock) you?

    We cover all that and more with one of the true reigning “OG’s” of the game!


    Here’s a sample of what we discuss with Mr. Bill T…

    • How Bill acquired 46 properties by creating a “bird dog” networkthat fed him potential deals on a regular basis (and only cost him $500 for every deal he ended up closing!).
    • The 4 horsemen of Florida… and the #1 thing he learned from each of these legends.
    • How to “undress” for success.
    • The ultimate secret to getting what you want in a negotiation.
    • Want to become deal magnetand start “attracting” great buying opportunities on a regular basis?   Do THIS!
    • The ultimate secret to getting a consistent flow of deals, capital, and opportunities that seemingly “fall in your lap”.
    • Bill’s “trash day” strategy for finding great deals (at no cost!).
    • Much, much more!  

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Bill Tan

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  • May 30 2022

    What’s the secret to creating wealth as a real estate agent (or any type of profession or business for that matter)?  

    We think it’s embodied in the quote… “It’s not your resources that determine your success, it’s your resourcefulness”.  In other words, it’s having an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’.    

    Your mindset and psychology totally shifts.  And so does your vocabulary.  

    You no longer say things like “I can’t afford it”, “I don’t have the down payment”, “There’s not enough time”, or “I don’t know enough”, etc.

    You instead start asking yourself different questions, like… “How can I afford it?”, “How can I raise the money?”, “What skills do I need to learn so I can do ___”, “Who can I get to help me?”, etc.

    Get the difference?  

    It’s a total game changer… which is why we’re so excited to talk with Tom Tran, a real estate agent/investor operating in one of the most expensive markets in the country, and whose story so far (he’s a young buck just getting started!) truly epitomizes the essence of being ‘resourceful’!

    Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

    • Why Tom had to live on $2,000 (total!)… for two whole years.
    • How to become one of the top REO Brokers in your area (these are real estate agents who sell bank-owned foreclosure properties)… and how Tom and his brothers grew their brokerage to selling 40-50 properties per month!


    • The good, bad, and ugly of being an REO Broker.
    • What you must do when times get tough (or someone moves your cheese!) – if you want to survive and thrive.
    • The right way to use a student loan. ;-)
    • Cultivating an ‘entrepreneurial mindset’… and why it’s the ultimate secret to handling any type of crisis or challenge.
    • Tom’s nightmare fix & flip deal that he thought was a sure-fire winner… and the fatal mistake he madethat compromised the project from Day 1.
    • How to not get ripped off by your contractor.
    • How Tom created a powerful platform (at no cost) to quickly and easily find contractors and tradespeopleto work on his projects.
    • House Hacking Secrets: How Tom pays only $500 - $1,000 per month… while living in one of the most expensive housing markets in the country.  
    • Tom’s little-known business model that’s allowed him to explode his rehab business… in a market where many investors are having a tough time finding deals that make sense.  
    • Much, much more!

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Tom Tran

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    59 mins
  • May 22 2022

    Have you ever been involved in a bad business partnership?  

    We talk to so many people who have a bad partnership story, so if you’ve been in business for a while, we’re guessing you might have that kind of saga as well!

    It’s easy to see why people get into partnerships… it can make business seem a whole lot less daunting and intimidating.  And the thought of possibly multiplying your upside is a really enticing thought, isn’t it?

    It’s true… the right partnership can take you to the moon.  The wrong partnership though… can sink you like the Titanic!

    In a culture where the majority of marriages end in divorce (a business partnership is very much like a marriage in many ways), how the heck do you find the RIGHT alliance?

    Our guests, Terri and Alia, seem to have found that magic elixir!

    Here’s a sample of what we discuss…

    • The best place to meet potential business partners.
    • Want to create a legendary partnership that can skyrocket your business?  Here’s a simple mindset shift that changes the entire game!
    • The ultimate resource for finding the right business partner.
    • Ready to raise capital like a rock star?  Here are the top 4 things your prospective money partners are looking for.
    • Why you should “dig your well before your thirsty” when it comes to raising money.
    • Terri & Alia’s top 3 strategies for getting the money you need to fund your deal.
    • Why business and investing is a “spiritual game”.  Adopt this mindset and belief… and watch your business go to the moon!
    • Much, much more!

    For contact info and links to resources mentioned, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Terri Garner and Alia Carter

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    59 mins
  • May 9 2022

    Here’s what you’ll discover in this week’s episode:

    • The pro’s and cons of REIT’s (Real Estate Investment Trusts)… and the #1 benefit they offer.


    • Paper Power: Should you be a Note Investor?
    • It may feel too slow for some, but THIS is still the most sure-fire way to build wealth in real estate.
    • How to capitalize on the “sharing economy”… and turn your property into a short-term rental, plus… one little-used twist on how you can significantly reduce your risk if you want to start or grow this type of enterprise!
    • Should you be a flipper?
    • A unique approach on how to invest in parcels of land… and create multiple streams of income.
    • The major advantages of investing in commercial real estate.

      You can visit us online at: www.GoDreamVest.com or www.BillandKimmie.com


    Thank you for listening!

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    Who are Bill and Kimmie?

    Here’s a quick snippet on who they are (and why you should, or should not, be listening to them)!  And if you want a little deeper dive on their history, mindset, and approach to investing, here’s an interview they did titled The Truth: Bill G & Kimmie P EXPOSED!

    Invest with Bill and Kimmie

    The best way to start the process is to visit our site at GoDreamVest.com, and get familiar with our investment philosophy, approach, and criteria, as well as our track record & experience. 

    We encourage you to take advantage of all the free resources we make available on the site, and if you feel we’re in alignment, the next step would be to fill out our short investor application (link posted below).  We’ll follow up with you once we receive your application, and if there’s a fit, we’ll start notifying you of upcoming investment opportunities.

    Ready to get started?

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  • May 2 2022

    In this follow-up episode, we go on a deep-dive with Bryan Ayres as he takes away the mystery and divulges exactly what he does in his primary role as an Asset Manager.  


    Want to avoid lemons and ensure you “buy right”?  Implement a process to keep a rehab project on budget and on time?  Monitor key metrics in just a few minutes a week?  Manage cash flow like a CFO?


    All that and more is covered in this riveting interview with one of the best in the business!


    Here’s a sample of what we discuss:


    • Behind the Curtain: What really happens beforepurchasing a property… and happens during the hold period.


    • The power of having a good “Rolodex”.


    • Due Diligence: What you absolutely must do before closing on any property.


    • Bryan’s “chain of command” theory of leadership… and how it allows him to effectively manage the manager.


    • Simple tips and techniques on how to effectively manage cash flow.


    • The secret to keeping your finger on the pulse of the economy and specific markets – so you can make the most timely (and profitable!) buying and selling decisions.


    • Much, much more!


    More about Bryan Ayres:


    Bryan is a licensed General Contractor, and Property Inspector with over 25 years of Property Management experience, and an Apartment Syndicator with partnership interests in over 1,000 multifamily units throughout the Southwest and Midwest region of the U.S.


    For contact info and links to recommended resources, visit our website www.GimmeSomeMORE.info/episodes and type in the search bar: Bryan Ayres

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