• Sep 27 2021

    Every obstacle in your path reveals  what’s inside of  you! To defeat the obstacles, you’ll have to level up and become the person God created you to be. Obstacles are directly or indirectly created by us—our ignorance of who we are, our mindset, lack of focus, lack of self discipline, lack of prayer life, lack of knowledge etc is the obstacle. It’s not external. That’s just how it manifests. Romans 5:3-5 days that tribulations teach us increase our perseverance, character and hope. The key word is increase. Shift your perspective towards obstacles ....







    All because you decide to see heavens impact and become the person that already exists in heaven! 

    Effective Execution is your portion--but don't let obstacles stop you!

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    23 mins
  • Sep 17 2021

    Life is full of transitions! What has been your experience with transitions? We know they are important and should be welcomed because they will happen whether we welcome them or not. But what if I told you we can transition successfully? What if I told you that we can have a plan for transitions? But before we can plan, we need to be able to recognize the season. 

    In this episode, I shared  5 tips to identify whether you are in a season of transition or not and the strategy to plan a successful transition.  

    If you are in a transitional season and it’s overwhelming, book an EE intensive session and we will create a plan for you to not just get through it but master it! 


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    18 mins
  • Sep 10 2021

    Episode 6 of Effective Execution with Nicole D. Evans is all about procrastination. This is an evil that steals time, purpose, and life from those it impacts. And while everyone deals with some level of procrastination, we want to make sure it isn't preventing us from being effective. In this episode, Nicole discusses procrastination and its effects--but she also gives helpful strategies to overcome it. Tune in and share with a friend...or two!

    "Procrastination to Productivity" Course

    The Last Quarter Accelerator (applications close 9/15/21)

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    21 mins
  • Sep 3 2021

    One of the most vital resources on Earth is relationships. It is in our best interest to have relationships that reflect where we are and where we are going. Effective Execution needs the foundation of authenticity, but also healthy relationships that understand the season's requirements. Rightful relationships understand the sacrifice, the needs, and the role they serve in someone's life who is executing their purpose or assignment.  Rightful relationships have a language that speaks to and understands to price of effective execution.

    I have a special guest, Ms. Eno Ekong, who is a radio personality on, "The Way" which airs on TruthFM weekly. She also has her own broadcast weekly. She's an amazing friend and Woman of Execution who added value to the conversation.

    This is my longest episode, but it's worth every minute.


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    55 mins
  • Aug 27 2021

    Episode 4 is everything about Self-Discipline and the components that make it easily attainable. The reality is, it doesn't have to be an admirable quality in others, it can be yours too! Tune into this episode for the S.E.L.F. acronym that simplifies discipline and increases your likelihood for effective execution!

    Head over to my website for show notes!! I really want to see you execute so I created a FREE download for you to succeed. Go to www.iamnicoleevans.com/episode4 or click here

    Other ways to partner with me:

    1. Effective Execution Intensive: a 90-minute, 1:1 Strategy session where you will gain clarity and strategy to execute your vision.

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    4. I do offer 3-month, 1:1 coaching, simply, email me for application. Click here

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  • Aug 20 2021

    Welcome to Episode 3!!! In this episode, you will be introduced to the relationship between identity and effective execution. Not only that, but you will hear a story about someone who denied action due to their own misunderstanding of who God created them to be. I wonder how many of us deny action, forward progress because we have not fully grasped the entirety of our identity? Tune in for more!

    Nicole D. Evans, Execution Coach

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  • Aug 13 2021

    Welcome to Effective Execution with Nicole D. Evans! I'm so glad you are here! Today's episode shares insight on why mindset is important for Effective Execution! Tune is for storytime, theories, and reflective questions to see if your mindset is preventing progression in your life!

    About me:
    Nicole Evans is a wife, mother, published author, transformational speaker, minister, life coach, creative, and thought leader. As an Apostolic leader, she has spent the last 15 years serving leaders in the nonprofit and business sector, using her skills to advance visions and build productive teams. Her expertise includes bringing visions to life--she transforms thoughts into tangible outcomes. Nicole also impacts people through her dynamic, transformational coaching. As a Life Coach, she specializes in Execution for emerging leaders for women of faith. Nicole's newest book, "Getting it DONE: A Guide to Effective Execution for Christians" includes her original D.O.N.E. Framework, which teaches how to implement value-based goals that result in authentic, purposeful productivity. As a consultant, Nicole provides strategic consulting solutions for organizational effectiveness and project management.

    What I do:
    I help women of faith who are entrepreneurs, leaders, and pioneers to increase their income and impact through productivity with authenticity and authority.

    Grab my FREE Effective Execution Guide today! www.iamnicoleevans.com or just click here
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  • Aug 6 2021

    Hey there! Tune in to find out more about authentic productivity and how to obtain it! I'd love to hear your feedback so email me your thoughts (info@iamnicoleevans.com) and share with your friends. 

    Be sure to grab me FREE Effective Execution Guide: www.iamnicoleevans.com

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