8 Million Hearts

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Adam's Song Publisher's Summary

They say it’s a bad idea to fall for your best friend. But since when do I say no to bad ideas? 

Adam: It’s not like I wanted to fall in love with Ben. But I didn’t really have a choice. Not only is he hot, he’s sweet, funny, and insanely talented. We’d both been struggling musicians for years, but even after Ben got signed by a major label, he still wanted to be friends with a nobody like me. Honestly, if he didn’t want me falling for him, he should have been less goddamn perfect. 

Well, except for the part where he’s straight. Did I forget to mention that? 

In my defense, responsible decision-making has never been my strong suit. Case in point - collapsing on stage, guitar in hand, after discovering my then-boyfriend, now-ex was cheating on me, and downing a bottle of bourbon in response. But I’m cleaning up my act - no more hiding in the closet and no more bad life choices. But that also means no more waiting around for the day Ben magically decides he likes me. 

So why did Ben have to pick now to make me question everything I thought I knew about us? 

Ben: It’s not like I planned this. I was on tour when Adam collapsed back in New York and he wouldn’t even let me come home early to visit him. But that’s Adam for you - brilliant, breathtaking, and pathologically afraid of vulnerability. All I wanted was to be there for him - and him coming out didn’t change that in the slightest. Yeah, I couldn’t help seeing him a little differently. And no, I couldn’t quite explain why I was suddenly noticing the curve of his back, the freckles on his cheeks, or wondering what his lips tasted like. But whatever weird awakening I was having, Adam needed support, not more confusion. 

And then I kissed him. Whoops. 

I know it’s fast. I know it’s unexpected. And I know my label would be livid if they found out I was dating a guy. But I also know, deeply and inexplicably, that this could be something real. 

So how do I convince Adam - beautiful, broken Adam - to risk everything on me?

©2017 Spencer Spears (P)2018 Spencer Spears
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