Cybersecurity for Beginners

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Cybersecurity for Beginners: 3 Books in 1 Publisher's Summary

In this audiobook you will learn:

  • What types of roles exist in the field of Cybersecurity
  • What key concepts and methodologies you must learn in Cybersecurity
  • What are the key technologies that you should be aware
  • How to get started in the field of Cybersecurity.
  • What kind of Cybersecurity entry level salary you can expect
  • How to overcome obstructions and get things done
  • How to become a project oriented security professional
  • What kind of mindset you must have in Cybersecurity
  • How to express your unique voice in Cybersecurity
  • What HR and hiring managers expect from you
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn profile and get recruiters to find you
  • How to enhance your LinkedIn profile to vastly rank yourself
  • How to get real life experience in information technology
  • How to get working experience by working for free
  • How to increase your chances to get a security job
  • How you can get references, while making good money
  • How you can market yourself by providing value
  • How to network and make your presents visible
  • How to find the perfect employer in Cybersecurity
  • What responsibilities employers expect from you
  • How you can find security certification that fits you best
  • How to use trend analysis to prevent intrusion
  • What is data aggregation and correlation
  • What is defense in depth
  • What pen test procedures you must follow
  • How reverse engineering works
  • What risk evaluation steps you must follow
  • What are the essentials of security frameworks
  • What are the policy framework procedures
  • What are the control framework procedures
  • What is and how to deploy quality controls and verification processes, and much more...

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