Dragon Age

5 books in series
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Being a rebel is never easy. Who are your allies? Who are the traitors? Can you trust anyone? Maric wrestles with these questions as he seeks to lead the rebel army and avenge his mother.

The Dragon Age series follows the story of Maric, the son of the assassinated Rebel Queen, on his path to fulfilling his destiny and regaining the throne that was stolen from him. Armed, ready, and determined to stop him is a league of deadly assassins led by a foreign tyrant who has taken over his rightful kingdom. Together with his two trusted allies—Loghain, an outlaw, and Rowan, a beautiful warrior maiden—he seeks to overthrow the opposition and reclaim his destiny. 

Famed Canadian video game developer David Gaider first brought Dragon Age to life as an origin story in a fantasy role-playing video game. The adventures of Maric were later adapted into an epic series of books about heroic combat, blood magic, allies, and destiny. Dragon Age has everything from a mage apprentice to savage combat and courageous fellowship, hitting all the markers of a beloved fantasy series. The audiobooks take all the best aspects of the original Dragon Age game and weave them into an exciting and dynamic story listeners won't be able to help but get hooked on.

All five audiobooks in the Dragon Age series are narrated by Stephen Hoye, whose deep, majestic voice adds depth of character to Maric’s story, while bringing each installment to life in a real and tangible way. Listeners will be instantly transported into this world of fantasy and magic.

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