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One of the world’s most important sci-fi works, the Dune saga is an epic tale of intrigue, adventure, and mysticism.

In the distant future on the desert planet of Arrakis, young Paul Atreides struggles to defeat Baron Harkonnen, continuing a generations-long feud between the families. The noble House Atreides has gained control over the planet, which proved to be a dangerous undertaking. Home to the Fremen and inhabited by giant sandworms, Arrakis is the universe’s only source of melange, a mind-altering spice and the world’s most valuable substance. Melange not only protects against disease, prolongs life, and fuels supernatural powers - it also makes space travel possible. Follow along as Paul navigates an intricate and dangerous political web. (Spoiler alert: Paul and Baron Harkonnen aren't the only ones with interests on Arrakis.)

Listen to a cast of talented narrators, including Scott Brick, Katherine Kellgren, and Simon Vance, bring the world of Dune to life. Their passionate delivery takes you through a series that touches on environmentalism, despotism, mythology, religion, politics, technology, and imperialism with timely relevance.

With several important factions involved in the push and pull for power, Dune creates a vibrant political landscape in an original world. The Dune Trilogy helped to define the modern science fiction genre and remains a masterwork you won’t want to pause, more than 50 years after the first book was published. The story was so loved that the series was continued even after Frank Herbert's death.

Translated into dozens of languages and with 20 million copies sold around the world, the Dune series has touched countless lives. After Herbert's breakout success with Dune, he continued his life as a professional author, to great critical acclaim. Join the crowds of people who have experienced this award-winning series as you dive into the interplanetary intrigue.

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