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Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD): Frequently Asked Questions Publisher's Summary

Ever feel like someone is pulling the wool over your eyes? It is most likely not paranoia. Does someone you know only think about themselves primarily but never consider your emotional depth? Narcissistic people cannot think outside themselves, and that is exactly how they like it. Imagine being able to do whatever you please and whenever you please and never feeling bad or having any guilt for doing wrong to others.

Narcissistic individuals will be extravagant manipulators of the truth. There is no moral or ethical code they will not break, especially if they are in trouble or feel threatened. They must always feel like they are in control, and they will love a challenge, so do not put up a fight. A fight or rise out of you means they have already won in their mind. They want to rustle your feathers because they get off on it.  

Whether it is your boss, significant other, or anyone in between, narcissistic people need attention more than anything. If you want to get even, then just “shut down” and stay away. Do not try to get even or seek justice because there is no winning except ignoring them. Narcissistic people are self-absorbed, and if you find yourself in the middle of their shenanigans, then do not “play ball” with them.  

This audiobook will expose frequently asked questions and detailed answers that people have inquired about over the years. Narcissistic people only see what they can gain out of a relationship and nothing else. If you have something they want or need, then they will find a way to win you over until they have what they were after. On the other hand, if the “well is dry” in your relationship or business situation, then watch out because no one is safe from these bullies. 

Including answers to these questions:

  • What if you dump the narcissist and convince him you played him?
  • Why are narcissists so vulnerable to their followers?
  • Can the victim of gaslighting lose his or her personality forever?
  • Who is the most powerful narcissist living in the 21st century?
  • Is there a person with whom a narcissist would never have a conflict?
  • Can a narcissist have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
  • Do narcissists have a conscience?
  • Why does my narcissistic partner always find fault in me?
  • What would a narcissist say if you told him to his face what he was?
  • Why am I afraid to treat my dad well when my narcissistic mother is around?
  • How can I be more aware of narcissists?
  • What made a narcissist discard you?
  • Are all selfish people, manipulative liars, and abusers narcissistic?
  • How can you identify a narcissist?
  • What should you avoid doing when negotiating with a narcissist?
  • Does the only child of a malignant NPD mother usually end up narcissistic or codependent?
  • And much more!

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