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Legends Space Trivia: 3 Books in 1 Publisher's Summary

Today's mission: Challenge your knowledge of planets, comets, stars, and more with this exciting quiz. The three-book series is now all in one!

If you're looking for a fun, engaging way to challenge your knowledge of outer space, then you need this fact-filled trivia book! You can quiz friends and family during a galactic trivia night. If a question stumps you, we include the answer and multiple facts with every quiz so you can also brush up on your knowledge.

Are you up to the challenge? These are some of the questions.

  • Which two planets do not have any moons?
  • Of the eight planets, which has the shortest day?
  • In which country was the largest known meteor impact?
  • What is the closest star to the solar system?
  • Why is our galaxy called "the Milky Way"?

As you know, the right resources and information can make uncovering the secrets of faraway planets and galaxies super easy—and fun!

Inside Legends Space Trivia, you will discover:

  • There was a meteor strike twice the size of the one that killed the dinosaurs.
  • Mariner 9 found what is now known as the tallest planetary mountain in our Solar System.
  • How much would you weigh on Mars?
  • What gives the atmosphere of Neptune its blue appearance.
  • How did NASA tie the start of aviation on Earth to the beginning of aviation outside of Earth?
  • The challenges of Earth's escape velocity!
  • Xena: Warrior Princess inspired a nickname in outer space.
  • Thousands of planets wander alone across a galaxy unbound by any gravity.

And much more.

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