Guided Meditations for Happiness

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Guided Meditations for Happiness - Book 1 Publisher's Summary

Discover how to finally develop your meditation habit, make it stick, and begin experiencing the true happiness that each of us have within!

Meditation has been a buzzword for a little while now, along with mindfulness. We’re all told we should meditate and practice mindfulness, but why? 

Meditation is the process of getting in touch with our natural awareness, and becoming who we really are, while learning to accept and allow thoughts and feelings to flow through us without resistance - instead of constantly fighting our minds. Meditation does not mean we will never have thoughts or feelings. We are human beings, not stones. Meditation teaches us how to develop healthier and more harmonious responses to our thoughts and feelings, while deepening the understanding of our mind, and as a result, we will experience the natural peace and happiness that we have drifted so far from.

I am not saying this 20-hour collection of 60 days’ worth of meditations is going to make you happy instantly. What I am saying is that deepening your meditation practice, building the habit, and furthering your spiritual journey will help you get more in touch with the elusive peace and happiness within, which is not affected by external circumstances. As you meditate more, as well as the various other practices you can participate in, your natural being will reveal itself more to you, and that natural being is made of peace and happiness.

My greatest desire is to help you access that being more and more, until you realize your default state is far happier and more peaceful than before.

With over 60 days’ worth of meditations to choose from, we have made learning and deepening your meditation practice easier than ever, with the eventual goal being that you begin to naturally feel like you’re meditating 24 hours/seven days a week.

It’s time for you to feel the happiness you deserve.

So, if you want to start your journey to true happiness, inner peace, and fulfillment, then scroll up and buy now.

©2020 Jessica Flowers (P)2020 Jessica Flowers
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