Haunted Village

12 books in series
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Haunted Village Series Books 1 - 3 Publisher's Summary

Welcome to the ultimate experiment in terror....

Professor Abel Worthe is brilliant, wealthy, and utterly immoral. He is an expert in a very particular field: The study of fear and death. Using his vast resources, Worthe has transported a collection of haunted houses and paranormal sites to his hidden village. And kidnapped civilians are forced to confront unknown horrors in the chilling name of research.

Marcus Holt thought his worst memories were behind him. A veteran of the Vietnam War, this old soldier is haunted by nightmares of brutal conflict. But he’s about to discover that his battle for survival has only just begun....

Book One - Worthe’s Village: Marcus Holt finds himself kidnapped and thrust into Worthe’s village of horrors. Now known as "Subject B", this tough as nails combat veteran is determined to survive long enough to find and kill his malicious captor.

Book Two - Hell’s Hammer: Trapped in the shadowy streets of a haunted village, Marcus and his young friend Alex must deal with a new threat: The ghost of a vicious murderer, who kills with a bloody mason’s hammer. And the sadistic Professor Worthe is about to learn that a caged animal is the most dangerous subject of all....

Book Three - Butcher’s Hands: There is a new test subject in Worthe’s haunted village: A Roman Catholic priest. This new victim’s faith and devotion are put to the test when the group is hunted by a vicious ghost welding a bloody meat cleaver.

Marcus must put his courage, experience, and iron will to the test, as he clashes with the diabolical professor Worthe and his grisly collection of supernatural killers. Can he survive this ordeal and win his freedom?

Or will the final result of Worthe's experiment be too much fear for one man to take....

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