HorrorBabble's Ultimate Weird Tales Collection

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HorrorBabble's Ultimate Weird Tales Collection, Volume 1 Publisher's Summary

This collection comprises 40 stories by and inspired by the originators of weird fiction. From Blackwood's The Empty House, through to Philip K. Dick's The Hanging Stranger, Lovecraft's Out of The Aeons, and beyond.

Time immemorial; worlds unimaginable.


  1. The Empty House (A. Blackwood)
  2. The Glamour of the Snow (A. Blackwood)
  3. The Wood of the Dead (A. Blackwood)
  4. The Creeper in the Crypt (R. Bloch)
  5. Notebook Found in an Abandoned House (R. Bloch)
  6. The Shambler from the Stars (R. Bloch)
  7. The Pendulum (R. Bradbury)
  8. Evening Primrose (J. Collier)
  9. A Terribly Strange Bed (W. Collins)
  10. A:B:O. (W. de la Mare)
  11. The Hanging Stranger (Dick)
  12. The Phantom Coach (A. B. Edwards)
  13. The Fear Experiment (I. Gordon)
  14. That Time of the Night (I. Gordon)
  15. VANITY LTD. (I. Gordon)
  16. The Horse of the Invisible (W. H. Hodgson)
  17. The Searcher of the End House (W. H. Hodgson)
  18. The Voice in the Night (W. H. Hodgson)
  19. The Dream Snake (R. E. Howard)
  20. The Horror from the Mound (R. E. Howard)
  21. The Thing on the Roof (R. E. Howard)
  22. The Ash-tree (M. R. James)
  23. Count Magnus (M. R. James)
  24. Lost Hearts (M. R. James)
  25. Number 13 (M. R. James)
  26. Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad (M. R. James)
  27. In Amundsen's Tent (J. M. Leahy)
  28. To Build a Fire (J. London)
  29. The Pale Man (J. Long)
  30. The Space-Eaters (F. B. Long)
  31. The Colour Out of Space (H. P. Lovecraft)
  32. The Music of Erich Zann (H. P. Lovecraft)
  33. Out of the Aeons (H. P. Lovecraft)
  34. The White People (A. Machen)
  35. The Drone (A. Merritt)
  36. The Black Cat (E. A. Poe)
  37. Tobermory (Saki)
  38. 2 B R 0 2 B (K. Vonnegut Jr.)
  39. The Fire Vampires (D. Wandrei)
  40. The Crystal Egg (H. G. Wells)
©2019 Ian Gordon (P)2019 Ian Gordon
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